A unique and special opportunity to embark on a Royal road trip is now being offered to holidaymakers, as Camplify unveils the latest addition to its portfolio: a regal Land Rover Defender – the Queen’s beloved vehicle of choice – aptly named ‘Elizabeth.’

Fact: Queen Elizabeth II trained as a mechanic during World War II and it was at this point that her love affair with Land Rover, and specifically the Defender, began. She took delivery of her first Defender in 1952 and has driven them ever since.

Added to the platform just in time for Her Majesty’s Jubilee celebrations, the Defender is perfect for couples and families; ‘Elizabeth’ not only has an iconic look but includes bunk beds, a fridge, heating, and internal shower, and more. Plus, in true royal fashion, it is also pet-friendly so holidaymakers can bring the Corgi’s along!

Complete with an easy-to-operate dormobile roof and a skylight that offers unspoiled stargazing views, the van is kitted out for all camping needs, from outdoor furniture to wine glasses and books – she is truly fit for a Queen.

Prepare a royal wave as heads will turn to look at the classic exterior of the Defender which has remained unchanged for 67 years. With a collection of Defenders available from the Somerset and Devon border, ‘Elizabeth’ is ideal for royal enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in regal histories from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye.

Speaking about his remarkably distinctive campervan, campervan owner Dan Clark, said:

“I’ve enjoyed owning Land Rovers for many years and some of my fondest memories are travelling Europe with my children in our own Defender. So, when I chose to set up my own business, I looked at my passions and decided that I wanted other people to have the opportunity to experience the same unforgettable adventures that I have. 

“Whether we’re on the road or parked up at a campsite, ‘Elizabeth’ never fails to attract attention. People walking by always comment with “wow, that’s awesome” or “cool set-up” and I’m always asked about her backstory and where she has travelled.

“The Land Rover Defender is a British Icon. It provides a real, physical driving experience that puts a smile on your face every time, so it’s no surprise that they have been a Royal favourite for decades. There’s no better way to travel, so why not have the opportunity to camp in one too. It may be less conventional than other campervans, but it has a really fun dynamic.”

Commenting on ‘Elizabeth’s’ timely addition to the platform, Claire James, UK Marketing and Communications Manager at Camplify added:

“The much-anticipated addition of Elizabeth to our platform hosts a brand-new perspective of what a campervan is traditionally seen as, with this stylish and extraordinary vehicle making for an incredibly unique holiday no matter where she goes. We expect it to be very popular with holidaymakers that want to soak up some Great British history, especially over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.”

‘Elizabeth’ is available to hire through Camplify, one of the largest and most trusted campervan and motorhome sharing communities globally. Sleeping four and pet-friendly, it is available from £80.00 (£20.00pp) a day. Book here

Anyone considering a royal road trip this Summer should also visit destinations such as;

  • Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London residence.
    Sample campervan: Camplify – Burster Burstner Lyseo, sleeps 4. Pick up from Chislehurst. Price from £163 (£40.75pp) per day based upon a June pick up. Book here
  • Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen.
    Sample campervan: Camplify – Rollerteam 685, sleeps 5. Pick up from Hayes. Price from £150 (£30pp) per day based upon a May pick up. Book here.
  • Kenilworth Castle, former home of the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley.
    Sample campervan: Camplify – Chausson Flash C636, sleeps 6, pet-friendly. Pick up from Birmingham. Price from £88 (£14.66pp) per day based upon a May pick up. Book here.
  • Sandringham House, the country retreat of her Majesty the Queen, and where she spends Christmas each year.
    Sample campervan: Camplify – Fiat Ducatto Weinsburg Carabus600k, sleeps 4. Pick up from Holt, Norfolk. Price from £135 (£33.75pp) per day based upon a June pick up. Book here.
  • Edinburgh Castle, home to the Scottish Crown Jewels, the Stone of Destiny, the famous 15th-century gun Mons Meg and the One O’Clock Gun.
    Sample campervan: Camplify – Elddis 155 Autoquest, sleeps 4. Pick up from Armadale. Price from £130 (£32.50pp) per day based upon a June pick up. Book here.
  • Balmoral Castle, the private Scottish home of the British Royal Family for over 150 years.
    Sample campervan: Camplify – Swift Escape 695, sleeps 6, pet-friendly. Pick up from Kirriemuir. Price from £110 (£18.33pp) per day based upon a June pick up. Book here.

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