1. Cheaper Cuts – quick and hotRoll over Sirloin, this year we’ll be enjoying cheaper cuts of steak such as Bavette and Flat iron which have exceptional flavour and benefit from fast cooking on a hot barbecue. Bavette, also known as a flank or skirt, has often been called the butcher’s cut because it is said butchers reserved it for their own pleasure. It responds well to marinating, cook medium-rare, cuts across the grain, and serve with bold herby accompaniments such as chimichurri. Parson’s Nose beef is responsibly reared, high welfare, and grass-fed in the Glens of Scotland and aged for 28 days.

2. Low and Slow – In contrast, larger joints like whole chicken, pork hocks, or lamb ribs are delicious cooked low and slow. Patience is key, keep the temperature low (about 90-110°C) and the meat away from the direct flame – a kettle barbecue with a lid is essential and Parson’s Nose reckons you can’t do better than a Big Green Egg. Rub the meat with a combination of salt, sugar, and spices and leave it to cure overnight, or try one of Parson’s Nose ready-made rubs like Texan Dust Rub. For whole chicken or duck – open up the cavity and spread the legs so that it will cook evenly.

3. More Fish feast fish will feature more on barbecues in 2022. Any of the small, oily fish – sardines or mackerel are cheap and delicious when grilled. They’re also easy to handle on the barbecue and served with lovely sauces such as salsa verde or aioli to spoon over the top. 
Parson’s Nose also offers sustainably caught fish and seafood like giant tiger king prawns and whole sea bass and all the condiments you need for your barbecue from ketchup and mustard to South Caroline BBQ Sauce and Texan Rub. And for a bit of luxury Parson’s Nose have Monkfish and Salmon Kebabs as well as monkfish tails wrapped in pancetta.  

4. Use quality charcoal – Parson’s Nose butchers believe that the secret to a great tasting barbecue is not only in the meat (fish or veg) but also in using the best charcoal you can which enhances the taste and flavour. Good quality charcoal burns longer so you’ll use less and isn’t packed with chemicals like mass-produced charcoal –   it’s simply a clean and natural baked English timber. Parson’s Nose Eco Charcoal is a premium sustainable charcoal, made from English coppice woodlands. It is one of the UK’s oldest charcoal companies and has consistently been producing amazing charcoal since the 1980s.

Parson’s Nose Ultimate Barbecue Meat – Parson’s Nose has everything you need to enjoy the perfect barbecue available to order online and delivered to your door for your summer barbecue from burgers, bangers, and kebabs to marinated lamb butterfly, tomahawk steaks, and pork back ribs.  And if you want everything in one simple order there’s an Ultimate Barbecue Box to serve 6-8 people with T-bone Steaks, pork chops, chicken kebabs, and traditional sausages
You can see the full barbecue range including rubs and condiments here: https://parsonsnose.co.uk/shop/bbq
Parson’s Nose Top Barbecue Tips

  1. Firstly, give yourself time to get the barbecue going before your guests arrive. It can take 30 minutes to get to the right temperature
  2. Secondly, take your meat out of the fridge at least an hour before cooking to avoid meat that is cold in the middle and burned on the outside. 
  3. Season your meat well and an oil-based marinade will stop moisture from leaching away.
  4. Don’t keep poking your meat to see if it’s cooked… you’ll let out all the succulent juices, instead invest in a digital thermometer to know when your meat is cooked.
  5. Finally, while you relax with a drink, let your meat do the same. Resting is one of the most important stages of any barbecue, it will continue to cook and the tissues will relax so it will be more tender.

About Parson’s Nose – Award-winning butcher Parson’s Nose won Best Butcher in the South in the National Butchery Awards 2021 and is shortlisted for the same award this year, was founded with one ambition in mind – to bring back the traditional high street butcher that was so loved from our childhood memories and encourage people to eat better quality ethically reared meat.  There are three stores in South Kensington, Fulham, and Putney, and an online shop offering national delivery with free  7-day a week, next day delivery on orders over £60.
Ethical meat packed with flavour. Parson’s Nose sources the finest free-range meat that is fully traceable and ethically reared – well-reared meat is packed with flavour. The butchers work directly with their producers including Sutton Hoo Free Range Chicken in Suffolk, Plantation Pigs from Sussex, and grass-fed beef and lamb from the Scottish lowlands.

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