Thailand has now changed its entry requirements, including dropping PCR-RT tests for those considered fully vaccinated as the country reopens fully for travellers again.

Travel expert and WeRoad co-founder Erika De Santi shares her top Thailand tips, where to go and what to do

Solo travel company WeRoad offers unparalleled group adventure holidays for solo travellers including unique ‘Travel Coordinators’ leading each group

Thailand, long considered one of South East Asia’s most popular destinations has at long last fully reopened its borders, making travel accessible for anyone fully vaccinated (scrapping the need for a negative PCR test on arrival).

Known for Its stunning landscapes made up of tropical beaches, ornate temples, striking royal palaces and ancient ruins, Thailand is a must for everyone’s bucket list and Erika De Santi, experienced traveller and co-founder of solo travel company WeRoad, has shared her top travel tips on where to go and what to see in the land of the free.


Doi Suthep Temple:

Considered Northern Thailand’s most sacred temple, Doi Suthep is a site to behold with regal stone dragons adorning its entrance. It may take a 306-step climb to reach the temple during which visitors are supposed to accrue spiritual merit as they ascend, but failing any spiritual awakening the views from the temple are unparalleled and entirely worth the exercise (and the possibility of minor heatstroke)!

Koh Phangan:

The Island where waterfalls, cerulean water and white-sand beaches reign supreme, Koh Phangan is famed for its natural beauty. The secluded island can be reached via a leisurely boat trip where travellers can take in the views and rest ahead of an action-filled few days.

Koh Phangan is both huge and traditional with few to no paved streets, making it known for its unique atmosphere and the awe-inspiring feeling it invokes in visitors who walk its shores. There are six beautiful waterfalls to explore, endless beaches to discover by boat or traditional tuk-tuk or capture a classic travel ‘Insta worthy’ moment with the sea swings at Haad Son.

Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park

Another must-see is Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park, the best place to discover Thailand’s natural wonders and most spectacular viewpoints – the park is a protected area away from mass tourism where travellers can snorkel, relax on white-sand beaches and be on the lookout for dolphins, before setting up camp and sleeping under the starry vista of the Thai night sky.

An archipelago of 42 paradise-like islands, this national park boasts pristine, blue lagoons, secret coves and nomadic villages. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to attract your interest – scenes from the iconic movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leo di Caprio were filmed here!

Each of these “must-do’s” are amongst the amazing experiences included in WeRoad’s unforgettable epic 13-day Thailand tour, which takes travellers from Bangkok to Kho Phangan. This bespoke adventure also includes the chance to swim in pristine coral reefs, get lost in spectacular temples and party the night away on Thailand’s majestic white sand beaches.

Each group is led by a trained expert, selected for their naturally outgoing and adventurous personality, known as a ‘Travel Coordinator’. Acting as ‘travel buddies’, the Travel Coordinators allow guests to experience their destinations from a local’s perspective, giving them the most unique and adventurous trip possible.

What Sort of People Go on WeRoad Trips?

WeRoad’s adventure-seekers are made up of 90% solo, Millennial travellers, primarily looking to travel the world without all the boring, time-consuming planning. As part of the brand’s offering, small groups of 8-15 people are fully immersed in new cultures, eating local cuisine, staying in guest houses, ensuring customers enjoy a truly authentic experience, and helping them to form lifelong friendships along the way. Groups are matched based on their age and what kind of trip they’re up for – a relaxing escape or pulse-raising adventure! (Couples and groups are also welcome).

All trips are specially designed to meet the individual needs of WeRoaders, with the brand taking care of the majority of time-consuming travel admin. Please note, that prospective guests, are only required to organise their own flights, as the brand is keen to provide everyone with the flexibility to depart from their most convenient airports, on a date and at a time of their own choosing.

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