Escape to the Country: 7 Health Benefits of Rural Living

Living in a city has a certain array of advantages. From work opportunities and frequent transport
services to shops and restaurants at every corner, you have a series of conveniences that are always
at your doorstep. It is also true, however, that the hustle and bustle of a metropolis can sometimes
become rather hard to tolerate. With tooting cars, crowded pavements, and higher costs of living, it
is no wonder that some may start to contemplate a move to a more isolated, rural area.
There is no denying, in fact, that relocating to the countryside is a tempting idea. Surrounded by
nature and tweeting birds, as opposed to grey buildings and deafening horns, it undoubtedly makes
for a calmer and more tranquil lifestyle. What is more, rural living can even give you a number of
significant health benefits.
What are they, exactly? Here, with some insights from the Off-Grid Gas Division at Flogas, we
explore ways in which living in the countryside can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

  1. Serene surroundings to support your mental health
    City life usually coincides with fast-paced daily routines, noisy streets, and flashing ads at every turn.
    In the long term, it is no surprise that this urban chaos can take its toll on one’s mental health.
    Rural living, instead, can effectively reduce your stress levels. Immersed in nature and quiet green
    spaces, the countryside offers many opportunities to unwind and relax. You can step outside your
    front door, take in your serene surroundings, and free your mind from the urgencies of everyday life.
  2. Less pollution: better respiratory & cognitive health
    As mentioned, one of the biggest downsides of city life is that it tends to be quite rowdy. With peak-
    time traffic clogging the roads and vehicle horns playing unwanted, loud symphonies, you may feel
    somewhat worn out. In fact, according to research, spending time on a busy city street can be
    detrimental to our cognitive functions, as our brains are less able to retain information and control
    impulses as a result.
    With trees and greenery replacing shooting cars and mopeds, there are fewer such problems in rural
    areas. Not only is the countryside quieter, giving your ears and head some well-deserved rest, but
    the air is much cleaner too. You can breathe fresh quality air without worrying about running into
    respiratory problems.
  3. Personal autonomy and privacy
    Rural living is a great choice if you want to regain some personal autonomy. With all the distractions
    and social pressures that cities come with, living in the countryside offers you the chance to dedicate
    yourself to your own needs and priorities. Chances are that, if you move to a rural area, you will not
    have to deal with noisy – and nosey – neighbours either.
  4. A stronger sense of community
    Despite being packed with people, cities can actually lack a sense of togetherness. Meanwhile,
    residents in rural areas are bound to get to know each other at some point and tend to enjoy a
    close-knit community.
    Paradoxically, rural living can help tackle sentiments of loneliness. With a shared sense of
    community, there is always someone to meet up with to have a good, heart-to-heart chat. However,

when you are not in the mood for socialising, you can keep to yourself and make the most of the
tranquillity of the glorious, British countryside.

  1. An abundance of locally sourced food to encourage home cooking
    There is no hiding that you are spoilt for choice when choosing to dine in the city centre. You can
    taste whichever cuisine you fancy and grab a bite whenever you feel peckish. But it is also true that
    the food is almost never as fresh as it could be.
    Rural living is the perfect way to enjoy quality food and products on a regular basis. With nutritious,
    locally sourced products just a stone’s throw away and no fast-food chains in the zone, you are likely
    to cook your own meals and experience the benefits of a healthy diet every evening.
  2. More opportunities for outdoor activity and exercise
    With fields, woodlands, and ample green spaces just outside your front door, there are plenty of
    opportunities for some all-important exercise in the countryside. If you are not good at weightlifting
    or running, you needn’t worry.
    With parks and trails nearby, rural living gives you the chance to get out of the house, move, and be
    active whenever you feel like it. This will help you keep fit and in shape, while also providing a boost
    to your mental health.
  3. Miles of greenery on your doorstep
    It is fair to say that countryside, rural houses are way more spacious than city apartments. If you
    need some extra room and want to relax in airy communal areas, rural living is a great solution. This
    will also allow you to welcome some new friends to your family.
    Whether it is dogs, cats, or horses, being around four-legged companions can work wonders on your
    mental health and happiness. With wider indoor space and miles of greenery at your doorstep, there
    is heaps of room in the countryside for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Ultimately, rural living conceals an endless list of very important health benefits. From fresh food
and clean air to quiet surroundings, off-grid opportunities, and close-knit communities, there is so
much that will do both your physical and mental wellbeing.

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