SevenTravel (www.seventravel.co.uk), the positive-impact, luxury travel company, which specialises in tailor-made milestone trips that expand travellers’ worlds is launching a one-of-the-kind, exclusive and specialist tour around New Orleans, allowing travellers and film buffs to explore the film locations of upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, Where The Crawdads Sing, premiering July 15th in the US and 26th August in the UK.

“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot”, a key quote from the popular book and an ethos built into SevenTravel’s expertly crafted itinerary that aims to weave clients into the very fabric of the story – taking only treasured memories and a fresh perspective home. The ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’ package brings the pages of the book to life, allowing visitors to resonate with the natural beauty of the American marshlands and delve into the day-to-day life of Kya Clark.

The film, which actress and producer Reese Witherspoon refers to as “a love letter to growing up in the South[1],” is set in the Deep South, starring British actress, Daisy Edgar Jones (Normal People, Cold Feet and War Of The Worlds), as Kya Clark – an endlessly resourceful young girl. The plot centres around this lone girl growing up in the beautiful and remote marshlands, near a small fishing village and her connection with nature and the local flora and fauna. The movie is adapted from the best-selling book by the author, Delia Owens.

SevenTravel designed the exclusive itinerary for travellers seeking trips that encompass cultural experiences, safari and wildlife and that is ideal for both couples and families with teenagers and young adults. The trip, taking place over seven days, has been crafted to indulge traveller’s and movie lovers’ fascination with the mysterious American marshlands.

What travellers will experience

The ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’ package aims to transport travellers to the pages of the novel by immersing them in the filming locations of New Orleans and the surrounding wetlands.

Based in the feel-good city of New Orleans, a dizzying concoction of cultures that are knitted together by its happy-go-lucky locals. This a city that’s playful in nearly all instances but when it comes to food, they take it very seriously. Guests will find out exactly to what extent with an expert-led cooking class, where they’ll make Deep South staples like grits and crawfish boil – a favourite with the Crawdads cast during filming.

Next is a deeper dive into New Orleans with a guided tour of the city, absorbing its historic French Quarter and landmarks such as St. Louis Cathedral (the oldest that’s been in continuous use in the USA), and Jackson Square and its time-frozen colonial mansions. After the Crescent City has bewitched visitors, they head for the wilderness and the marshlands surrounding New Orleans.

In the story, Kya’s mother left behind several oil paintings, so on the trip guests will have their own brushes with watercolours in the wetlands as they splash them across a canvas with a painting class led by a local artist. With so much water around, a kayak is one of the best ways to get around Louisiana’s marshlands. With a camera in hand, visitors will head out on a paddle for a one-on-one nature photography course so they can capture its mystical landscapes and wildlife close-up.

Where the Crawdads Sing may be set in the 1950s and ‘60s, but SevenTravel takes guests back further than that with guided visits to a pair of New Orleans’ historic plantations. Following is a trip back to the marshes, this time with their own naturalist so guests can explore the wetlands through expert eyes.

A seafood lunch will be enjoyed in a stilted village where fishing has been a way of life for centuries. Birds were often Kya’s only friends during her time in the marshes, so it seems only fitting to end the adventure with a guided birdwatching experience, where visitors will spy anhingas, whooping cranes, double-crested cormorants and more.

Where guests will stay: Maison de la Luz, New Orleans

The playful attitude of New Orleans is perfectly reflected in the punchy style Maison de la Luz employs. Its exterior is inspired by Beaux-Arts architecture, the inside feels as if it’s been lifted from a Wes Anderson film with its monochrome tiled floors, art deco flourishes, plush furnishings and novelties scattered throughout the hotel, that could only have been collected by the most avid of travellers. Lafayette Square and several art galleries are only steps away, while New Orleans’ French Quarter is a five-block walk.

The Where The Crawdads Sing package can be booked directly via SevenTravel’s website and is not available through any other travel operators. The cost of the trip is £10,995pp for six nights and seven days in the USA, excluding flights.

SevenTravel is for curious travellers looking for connection, treasured memories and a fresh perspective. From family holidays with a difference to unforgettable honeymoons; from authentic local culinary experiences for avid foodies to adrenaline-fuelled adventures for thrill-seekers, SevenTravel immerses travellers in a new world, designed around their personal interests and desires.

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