Amàre Vodka is the vodka brand you’re seeing all over Instagram at every celebrity party and event… 

A new independent five-times distilled vodka brand, featuring classic premium, passion fruit and strawberry flavours, is launching this summer. 

Founded by friends Jake Chapman-Brown, Isaac Mayne and reality star Callum Alexandre Izzard, Amàre Vodka is distilled in Yorkshire using the finest British ingredients.

Why five times distilled? We all care about our health more than ever and studies have proven that the cleaner the alcohol you drink, the less it impacts your body. 

If you’re going to drink, be kinder to your body, and drink clean. Health experts say a clean vodka is the best thing you can drink for minimal hangover effects, damage to your body and recovery. Ideal for people who love to party but take their well-being seriously. 

Amàre is quintuple distilled and vapour infused, which means no chemical additives and no artificial ingredients or flavours. Just clean, premium alcohol. 

Celebrities are investing in and creating alcohol brands for a reason – wine, tequila, vodka: it’s the new classic car, Birkin bag or collectable watch. The future of investment is alcohol and Callum and his cofounders all have a unique perspective and forecasting power given their backgrounds in luxury lifestyle, celebrity reality shows and hospitality. 

Jake says all three vodkas in the first range were created with the nation’s favourite cocktails in mind – 

“We researched the top-selling flavours and cocktails to find out what people really loved,” explained Jake. “Strawberry and passion fruit were both in the top 10, passion fruit was actually number one, so that informed our choice for fruit vodkas alongside the classic premium.”

Jake and Isaac became friends in their early 20s when Jake was a promoter and Isaac was DJing in Leeds. He met Ibiza Weekender and Celebs Go Dating star Callum when he moved to Manchester.

Swap your usual brand for cleaner, distilled vodka by Amàre and feel the difference – lower calorie, lower water deficit, lower inflammation, better flavour, celebrity founded and backed. The future of alcohol is here. 

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