With rum sales overtaking whisky for the first time, reaching £1 billion in the 12 months to July, experts reveal the perfect formula for sipping premium rum.

Premium rum served at 18° C, in an old-fashioned glass with large round ice cubes while listening to South American jazz is the perfect combination…

Premium rum brand Diplomático enlisted industry experts, Mixologist Jon Lister and Food & Beverage Manager, Tommasso Scarciello from The Londoner to create the exact formula. Crucially, there are two key elements to enjoying premium rum at its best: the serve and the ambience:

Jon Lister advises that 50ml of premium rum allows for the perfect sipping amount, with or without ice; and when it comes to ice, more is more – pouring your rum over five large ice cubes will help it stay cool without losing any flavour and lengthen your sipping moment.

Round ice cubes are best because they have a low surface area-to-volume ratio, which ensures that your drink gets cold without diluting the rum too quickly. Your drink will then evolve over time, opening with aromas of dark chocolate, orange peel, toffee, and liquorice. 

Avoid freezing your rum as this will dull down the flavour profiles. For the best serve, use room temperature premium rum, 18° C is the ideal temperature.

When sipping premium rum, an old-fashioned tumbler glass will house the spirit and ice perfectly, whilst sitting comfortably in your hand. A solid base is best for cocktails that require ‘muddled’ ingredients and are also ideal for serving a neat pour of rum.

Using the rum as an after-dinner sipper, between dessert and espresso, makes for a brilliant digestif.  To amplify the experience, eat a few squares of dark, 70% cocoa chocolate alongside your rum.  This will complement the rum’s rich, indulgent tasting notes.  To enjoy, just alternate between a sip of a premium rum like Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva and a slice of cocoa-dusted orange.

Tommasso Scarciello from The Londoner adds that the evolution of music and spirits are closely linked, so it makes sense to listen to music rooted in the origins of your premium rum. For example, South American jazz music played in the background while drinking Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva will create a relaxed atmosphere, aid the conversation and set the tone.

The equation comes at a time when many are looking to create the perfect serve while entertaining at home due to feeling the pinch; looking to treat themselves in new ways.

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva can be purchased at The Londoner hotel and in Waitrose stores.

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Signature serve:

The ‘DOC’– Diplomático, Orange and Cocoa


60 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

One piece of orange

Raw cocoa powder unsweetened


Old-fashioned or any sipping glass


Can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks


Take your orange, cut it in half, cut a slice (around 6mm) and cut it into 4 identical quarters.

Pour a teaspoon of cocoa into a small cup, take the 4 orange quarter-slices and dip one side in the cocoa powder.

Take some rectangular slate, and place your glass on the left.

On the right side of the plate, arrange nicely the 4 orange quarter-slices.

You can delicately drop some cocoa powder next to the oranges for those who want more cocoa!


No garnish is needed! Just alternate between a sip of Reserva Exclusiva and a slice of orange with cocoa.

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