New Search Data Shows UK Shoppers Have a Preference When it Comes to Handbag Styles

  • A new report by Fiorelli has analysed five years’ worth of Google Search data to reveal which handbag styles are the most popular
  • Backpacks and tote bags have consistently been in the top two searches styles for the last five years, proving both trends are here to stay

From classic tote bags, backpacks, and crossbodies to more contemporary mini, basket, and saddle bags; handbag styles are constantly evolving. However there are some handbags we reach for over and over again, but why?

Non-leather handbag brand Fiorelli has analysed five years’ worth of Google Search data to determine what UK shoppers really want from their handbags.

Top handbag styles searched for this year

1. Tote bag – 165,000 Google searches

2. Backpack – 135,000 Google searches

3. Crossbody bag – 110,000 Google searches

4. Bum bag – 60,500 Google searches

5. Messenger bag – 40,500 Google searches

6. Clutch bag – 33,100 Google searches

7. Shoulder bag – 33,100 Google searches

8. Box bag – 18,100 Google searches

9. Mini backpack – 12,100 Google searches

10. Sling bag – 12,100 Google searches

Whether at work or enjoying an evening out, handbags have always been a staple for many. As years have gone by, traditional handbag shapes have expanded into various styles. While newer trends are often fun and different, data suggests the classic styles are the ones here to stay. 

Interestingly, the data shows the top five most popular handbag styles right now are hands-free, suggesting that people are prioritising merging style with functionality.

Tote bags have been the UK’s most searched-for bag for two years in a row.

“We can see from the continuous top spot being taken by bags such as tote bags that people value practicality. They’re perfect for the parents, commuters, and general multitaskers of the world!” says Fiorelli’s Design Manager, Nia Davis.

From 2018-2020, backpacks were the UK’s most searched-for bag, until 2021 when tote bags took the top spot. In 2022, backpacks now sit in a comfortable second place. 

Backpacks and tote bags have a few things in common, though the most dominant feature is that they both have a whole lot of space. Mini bags are great, they look good and are perfect for when you need to carry your essentials, but for day-to-day, we need space for essentials”, says Nia Davis.

Crossbody bags have consistently held the third spot since 2020 and Nia adds “crossbody styles also offer a handsfree option, which is a must for those on the go. By having long straps to sling across your shoulder, these bags allow freedom of movement whilst remaining classy and stylish.” 

Up and Coming Trends

The data also reveals upcoming trends to keep an eye out for. The bucket bag rose 22.20% in the five years between 2018-2022, and the mini bag rose a whopping 84.10%. This highlights that both up-and-coming accessories should be on the fashion radar for 2023.

Nia Davis comments: “Whilst traditional style bags seem to be a staple that will always remain popular, it’s clear there is still room for new fresh bag designs. They may not be an everyday item, but they’re perfect for a special occasion or night out accessory”.

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