It’s nearly the holiday season again and many of us will be trying to cut costs by only taking hand luggage. Security restrictions have existed for many years – especially regarding hand and cabin luggage, but one significant rule that confuses many holiday go-ers is liquids.

Searches for the term ‘toiletries in hand luggage’ has risen by 400% over the last 12 months, whilst searches for “can you take the medication in hand luggage” have risen 100% in the last 3 months.

Considering this, the travel experts at SkyParkSecure are here to provide the basic rules and some top tips when travelling with liquid in your hand luggage. 

What is the hand luggage liquid allowance?

It’s important to remember that all liquid items in hand luggage must be in no more than 100ml containers. This means you can have smaller containers less than 100ml, but the limit doesn’t just apply to the actual amount of liquid but the container it is held in. 

The rules tend to be the same across most airports, but some may have additional rules in place such as only being able to take a specific number of items, even if you could fit more in your clear bag. Always check the rules for both your arriving and departing airports before travelling.

Do hand luggage liquids need to be in a clear bag?

Any liquid in hand luggage must be taken through security in a clear polythene bag no larger than 20cm by 20cm. Whilst they are provided in the airport, you can also purchase similar bags online prior to your trip to make sure all your liquids do fit in the bag, and you won’t have to throw anything away before going through security.

How to maximise enough space in your hand luggage 

  1. Purchase small travel-sized containers that you can decant your toiletries into – or many shops have offers on branded mini toiletries.
  2. Prepare a list- this will help avoid unnecessary toiletry or cosmetic items if you only go for a short trip.
  3. Skip the ‘I might use this’ mentality- if you’re not confident you’ll use it- don’t bring it! 

What counts as liquids on a plane?

  • Any drink, including water and alcohol. 
  • Partially or fully liquid food, for example- soup, baby food or sauces
  • Toiletries, for example- shampoo, perfume, creams, lotions
  • Pastes, such as toothpaste 
  • Gels, such as shower gel and hair gel 
  • Cosmetics, for example- foundation, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick 
  • Sprays and Aerosols, for example- deodorant, hair spray, dry shampoo 
  • Contact lenses solution.

Bags are limited to one per person, and they must be able to be sealed entirely, not tied or knotted at the top.

Can you bring the liquid on the plane you purchased after going through security?

If you’ve gone through security and bought yourself a bottle of something larger than 100ml in the airport, such as alcohol, cosmetics or perfume, you can take this on your flight, provided it remains sealed. Just remember you won’t be able to bring it back with you!

Are there any exemptions for the liquid allowance?

There are only a few situations where security can make exceptions, for example- 

  • The liquid may be medically necessary – if you are carrying medicine, you will need a prescription and a doctor’s note to be able to carry more than 100ml on the plane 
  • Food for a baby, including baby formula, breast milk and baby food – When travelling with a baby- it is always worth checking with the airport before you fly on the limits 
  • Liquids/ partial liquid for special dietary requirements – you may also need a doctor’s note if you’re carrying a container of more than 100ml of special foods. 

It is always worth checking with the airport and the company you are flying with if this is possible before you start your journey. 

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