Beards grow in different places and different styles and sometimes it is best to promote beard growth with a beard growth kit especially if you can’t develop a full beard.

The average beard growth rate is around 0,27mm per 24 hours and can be experienced through different stages of the hair growth cycle. Some people develop a full beard at a young age, but many people experience difficulties with growing their beard.

This can be difficult such as patchy beards but also slow beard dandruff. To promote beard growth, it is possible to use a beard growth treatment that contains various effective products that stimulate beard growth due to the effective and active ingredients.  

How does a beard growth treatment work

An effective beard growth treatment works with scientifically proven active ingredients. An example is Neofollics beard growth treatment which works by utilizing 10 ingredients that stimulate beard growth in multiple ways. These ingredients, include Vividine, Adenosine, EGCG, Copper Tri-Peptide Complex, Ecklonia Cava, Raspberry Ketone, Aminexil, and Carthamus Tinctorius. Non-activated hair follicles can be activated after using a beard growth roller on your entire beard line. This beard roller creates microscopic holes which makes it easier for a beard growth serum and its ingredients to be absorbed into the skin.

A beard roller can also promote blood flow and activate the natural skin healing process. When you’re using Neofollics beard serum 1-2 pumps per side for the cheek area and 1 pump for the chin and moustache is sufficiently recommended twice a day for the best effect. Cleansing your beard with water afterwards is also important to avoid possible build-up, beard itching, and beard dandruff.

Stimulation of blood circulation to the beard area, nourishment of the beard follicles, and providing yourself with healthy nutrients and vitamins leads to thicker, fuller, and healthier hair growth in the desired area. To provide yourself with enough beneficial nutrients and vitamins you can also use beard growth tablets to promote the beard growth process.  

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