Introducing the UK’s best-kept secret for combating the effects of the ageing process: So Body Co’s Peptigen+ Multi Collagen is the only collagen powder in the UK to contain FIVE types of essential collagen proteins (Bovine (2), Marine, IIM and Eggshell) – making it your secret weapon to feeling and looking good, both inside and out this summer.


Most collagen supplements on the market champion improving hair, skin and nails but in only containing one or two types of collagen are missing the impact that other forms of collagen can have on bigger issues, including gut health, inflammation, joint pain, and more, as well as the benefits it can provide for those suffering with arthritis and symptoms of the menopause.


As Peptigen+ Multi Collagen contains five types of collagen, it has a much broader impact on health and its benefits are far more than skin-deep.


In addition to helping maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, organs and muscles, which most collagen supplements can boast, the additional three types of collagen included in So Body Co’s Peptigen+ Multi Collagen support joints, gut lining, eyes, cartilage, bones and can reduce pain, inflammation and speed up limb damage recovery.


Whether you’re menopausal, perimenopausal or nowhere near menopause but concerned about skin elasticity, inflammation in the body, trying to improve gut health or build muscle, or experiencing arthritis or joint pain, Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen can help – and is a simple, fuss-free thing you can take every day, to combat ageing.


Peptigen+ Multi Collagenfrom £32.99 for 30 days’ supply


This is the only collagen powder in the UK to contain five types of essential collagen proteins – including both types of Bovine, plus Marine, IIM and Eggshell three of which can’t be found in any other multi-collagen supplement on the market.


Because of this, it is the only UK collagen supplement which not only boosts skin, hair, nails, organs and muscle structure, but also supports joints, and cartilage and can reduce joint pain (which is great for people with arthritis).


This collagen powder also supports eyes, bones, boosts pain reduction and can reduce inflammation in the body and can even help limb damage recovery. The type V collagen it contains helps with the formation of cells, especially in the gut, making it beneficial for gut health.


It is a 100% natural super-food supplement, which provides 9g of protein and 10g of collagen per scoop, in the form of premium hydrolysed peptides – meaning the collagen has been broken down into smaller molecules, to make its amino acids easier and faster for your body to absorb.


Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen’s premium formulation contains no bulking agents and is GMO, dairy, gluten and carbohydrate-free, meaning it’s also keto diet-friendly.


Add a scoop of this powerful, flavourless multi-collagen powder to a hot or cold drink, or even when baking, to start looking and feeling years younger!


It is available to buy from Amazon and the


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