Analysis of Google search data has revealed that online searches for ‘rosemary oil’ have skyrocketed 135% over the past year in the UK due to the huge surge of interest generated through TikTok.


A new finding by beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha analysed Google search data for searches related to the hair hack, which revealed a 135% increase over the past year and a 695% increase over the past five years just in the United Kingdom.


Searches for ‘rosemary oil’ have also gained interest across the globe, with an increase in worldwide searches of 331% over the past five years.


The interest in rosemary oil gained popularity on the social media app TikTok after beauty and wellness influencers shared their experiences using the product while showcasing the results after around six weeks.


The interest in rosemary oil alongside the hashtag #hairtok has racked up an astonishing number of views. The hashtag #rosemaryoil has totalled 1.3 billion views, alongside #rosemaryoilforhairgrowth reaching 212.3 million views, proving the curiosity of TikTok users in the oil.


What does rosemary oil do to your hair?


The oil stimulates and promotes hair growth, battles against dandruff, and prevents premature greying; it is also proven to add shine and a healthy glow to the hair after a more extended period of regular use.


The beauty influencers on TikTok recommend using rosemary oil as part of your hair care routine, not to expect results after the first few uses and sticking with it as you could see incredible differences in your hair’s health even after six weeks.


Searches for ‘rosemary oil for hair’ have seen a 168% increase over the past year in the United Kingdom alone, as well as an increase of 73% in the United States and 52% worldwide over the past twelve months.


The interest in tutorials has also skyrocketed on Google, with searches for ‘how to use rosemary oil in hair’ increasing 547% over the past year in the United Kingdom.



How often should you use rosemary oil in your hair?


It is recommended if you have thinner, lighter and easily damaged hair, you should use the oil once a week as a treatment. If dandruff is what you want to battle, then use a few drops of rosemary oil alongside gentler oils such as coconut, caster or jojoba oil; it can be used up to four times a week for shorter periods of time.


Mixing rosemary oil with lighter oils such as these will help dilute the rosemary oil’s strength and work to soothe and nurture the hair while using the natural oils.


Interest in haircare has been on the rise, particularly since the hashtag #hairtok gained popularity on the app. The hashtag is commonly used by those sharing tips and tricks on styling, maintaining and looking after all hair types, allowing users to search and explore the millions of videos posted; #hairtok has surpassed 65.3 billion views.


How many people want to improve their haircare routine?


If you want to up your haircare routine and give your locks the best chance of looking gorgeous for longer, the first thing to do is figure out your hair type and your hair needs.


Experts suggest getting regular haircuts every eight to twelve weeks, but the next time you visit your salon, ask for some advice on what they think your hair really needs. If your hair is dull and lifeless, it is important to understand what products to use and how to use them; the same as if your hair is thin and weak, an expert should help you gain the answers to all your questions.


Searches for ‘healthy hair masks’ have increased by 575% over the past month in the United Kingdom alone, proving the desperate urge to seek the healthiest products and treatment for improving routines.


Not only are nourishing hair masks gaining interest online, but searches for how to achieve heatless curls to avoid heat damage have also risen tremendously worldwide, with searches for ‘heatless curls’ increasing by 274% worldwide.


William Zeqiri, founder and CEO of beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha, commented on the findings:


“The power of social media, especially TikTok, allows influencers worldwide to share their experiences and knowledge with those who might want to know more about a particular beauty topic but don’t know quite where to start.


These findings are a definite eye-opener to see just how much exposure TikTok can offer to such a simple and accessible substance like rosemary oil and proves just how many people are interested in natural remedies for haircare which are fun and easily manageable, even if you are a regular salon visitor.”

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