Building on Chinawhite‘s nine years of hosting an enclosure at the Henley Regatta, this year marks an exciting new partnership with the cult members’ club Christabel’s.

A unique collaboration between the established legacy brand and controversial new upstart Christabel’s, Christabel’s @ Henley ’23 is set to deliver a fresh take on traditions old with the dress code marked as “a touch of The Riot Club vs. St Trinian’s”.

Christabel’s at Henley ’23 ticket bearers will have access to the secretive inner sanctum within Henley, where they can indulge in classic “Live and Debauched” entertainment, red carpet photography, a private bar, and lavish lavatories.

The ticket also grants guests Access All Access to the prestigious Chinawhite enclosure which includes prime riverside viewing of the historic boat race, five bars offering an array of libations, gourmet street food, beauty parlours to ensure guests look their best, and a thrilling lineup of dancing and DJ performances, including the sensational headliner, DJ JOJO.

“Chinawhite are excited to be working with Christabel’s on their new VIP concept which we believe will deliver an edgy twist to Henley but also a vibrant new clientele'” – Constantine Kulukundis – Co-Director, Chinawhite

Founded in 2020 during the London Lockdown, Christabel’s has become known as the naughty new kid on the block, with its infamous tagline, ‘Good girls go to Annabel’s, Bad girls go to Christabel’s‘ capturing its unfiltered rock and roll spirit and provocative flair. With live bands, burlesque performances, and commitment to creative freedom Christabel’s has operated in various locations including Fulham Town Hall, Fitzrovia, and Soho underneath the historic Windmill Theatre, providing a sanctuary for London’s alternative and avant-garde.

Since its establishment in 1998, Chinawhite has been synonymous with high-profile nightlife. The nightclub has attracted A-listers such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Moss, and Tom Cruise throughout its illustrious history. Notable for introducing Ibiza vibes and hedonism to the British Summer Season, Chinawhite’s 2-acre enclosure at the Cartier Polo has become a legend in itself. For nine years, Chinawhite has also added their trademark spice to the Henley Royal Regatta. Last year’s Henley enclosure attracted the likes of Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann, Hum Fleming, Daisy Lewis, Jamie Winston, Noelle Reno and Martha Sitwell.

“I first heard about Chinawhite, 8 years old, being dropped off at the babysitter’s! So it’s beyond an honour to be working with them 25 years later at such a prestigious event like Henley” – Christabel Milbanke – Director, Christabel’s

A permanent fixture of the British social calendar, Henley Regatta, with a history spanning over 180 years, holds a cherished place in the hearts of rowing enthusiasts and socialites alike. Established in 1839, Henley Regatta showcases the finest in rowing competitions, timeless fashion, and a captivating social scene. As a testament to its significance, Henley Regatta holds a Royal Charter granted by Queen Victoria in 1851, further solidifying its status as a prestigious event. Each year, rowing crews from around the world gather on the banks of the River Thames to compete in a thrilling display of skill and determination. The regatta has become a celebration of teamwork, athleticism, and the pursuit of victory.

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