Summer is finally here, and many of us across the UK are struggling to keep cool and dress for the current climate. But there are a few simple fashion tricks that can help you avoid overheating as the temperatures continue to grow. Renowned global lifestyle brand Nautica has provided their five essential style tips for men this summer.

1. Choose colours wisely 

It’s no secret that dark clothing absorbs heat, so swap dark colours like black and navy for light colours such as white, khaki, grey, cream, and pink. These lighter colours will reflect light and keep you feeling cool.

If you work from the office and need professional attire, swap your black trousers for summer shades such as light grey. Finish off the look with a white cotton shirt that will help you stay sweat-free and on-trend.

2. Wear breathable fabrics

Fabrics that trap moisture are a big no-no during the summer months. When choosing your summer wardrobe, don’t just look for lightweight clothes, as this doesn’t always guarantee that it is breathable.

For example, synthetic fabrics may reflect heat back on the body and create an outward flow of warm air. Whereas cotton is an extremely comfortable fabric that lets your body breathe with ease, which is a must during a heatwave.

3. Cover up to keep cool 

Contrary to popular belief, covering up can actually keep you cool. Wearing natural fabrics can help shade the skin and protect you from sun damage.

A shirt or a blazer are great choices for covering up, but only if you stick to breathable fabrics and partially or unlined blazers, as thick blazers will have the opposite effect and may make you too warm!

4. Keep it short 

A pair of men’s shorts are not only stylish but will also keep you cool no matter the scenario. Whether you are having a trip to the beach, enjoying a family BBQ in the garden, or just having a shopping trip, shorts are the perfect way to keep you cool and look good.

For a casual look you can try denim or chino shorts, or for a more formal or special event opt for linen.

5. Embrace loose clothing

Not only is baggy and loose clothing in fashion, it’s also a great way to keep you feeling cool during the summer months. Wearing a loose t-shirt will keep air circulating and will allow heat and moist air to escape to help you maintain a cool body temperature.

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