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Vinte Vinte Café should be every chocolate-lovers first port-of-call
on a trip to Porto
August 2023Vinte Vinte, the bean-to-bar chocolate brand crafted in Porto’s Cultural District and founded in 2020, has officially opened the first ‘Vinte Vinte Café’ outside of the district, on the iconic pedestrianised street, Rua das Flores, in the heart of Porto’s historic centre.

The very first Vinte Vinte Café is located in Porto’s Cultural District, at The Chocolate Story Museum, and this new location in the historic centre is set to make Vinte Vinte a must-have souvenir and experience for all visitors to Porto.

The new venture is a hybrid shop and cafe, that invites Porto locals and visitors in for a taste of the chocolate that is created just across the Douro River, in Vila Nova de Gaia. The cafe offers Vinte Vinte’s chocolate bars, port chocolate truffles, cakes and cookies. A highlight is the hot chocolate collection from different cacao-producing origins.

Visitors can also buy the full range of chocolate, from Cacao Intensity to Fusion, and bonbons to truffles, in a fun and beautifully designed setting that brings Vinte Vinte’s colourful personality to life.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new hot chocolate collection at the opening of our second store in Porto,” said Pedro Araújo, Vinte Vinte’s Master Chocolate Maker “Our customers can now purchase our products and enjoy a customised hot chocolate experience, with the option to choose the chocolate based on the origin and texture they prefer. For me, the best hot chocolate is the kind you could eat with a spoon, pure melted chocolate!”

Vinte Vinte was created in November 2020, upon the realisation that the chocolate-making process is strongly connected with the process of making port wine. Master Chocolate Maker Pedro Araújo set out to create delicious, high-quality chocolate without compromising on sustainable practices.

In the two years since its inception, Vinte Vinte’s commitment to excellence and the championing of cacao origins has been recognised with multiple awards across the ranges, including The Academy of Chocolate and Northwest Chocolate Awards. The boutique brand shows no signs of slowing down as it embarks on an international journey to bring Vinte Vinte to chocolate aficionados around the world, with products already being sold in specialised stores and wine shops in Europe and the United States.

“Although distribution is a top priority, we are deeply focused on our direct consumers”, said Pedro. “Having our own stores allows us insight on which ranges our customers find most interesting and gives us the chance to interact with consumers and better explain what ‘good chocolate’ really is. We produce Vinte Vinte from cacao beans that respect the entire value chain, and we would love for this approach to grow and reach more locations around the world.”

Vinte Vinte can be purchased online in the UK at and in specialists stores including A Portuguese Love Affair in North London, and in Porto at the new cafe on Rua das Flores and in the Cultural District in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Vinte Vinte Café is located at 206 Rua das Flores, Porto
Open every day from 9 am to 8 pm

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