Revives with contemporary elegance and a restored dedication to comfort.

After months of renovation, it presents a transformation focused on a guest experience personalization, culinary excellence and commitment to sustainability and the local community 

The Sir Anthony Hotel, located on the paradisiacal Camisón beach, has announced its grand reopening after several months of careful renovation. The transformation has allowed an aesthetic embellishment that evolves hand in hand with a new comfort, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience. The refurbishment has reconfigured the hotel into an oasis of contemporary elegance with a welcoming atmosphere and design in perfect harmony with functionality.

The redesign has included a renovation of the rooms, with a meticulous selection of warm and comforting colours that create a bright and friendly atmosphere. On the third floor, all rooms have a plunge pool, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy private pools with spectacular views of the sea and tropical gardens. Every detail has been carefully considered, achieving a perfect fusion of design and functionality to provide a truly welcoming stay. Furthermore, this commitment to comfort is reflected in the attention to detail and personalized guest service.

The renovation of the Sir Anthony Hotel has also focused on the exterior aesthetics, harmonizing its new golden design with the coastal sand of Camisón Beach. Simultaneously, the hotel has also worked to maintain the level with its culinary offer at Windsor Gastronomic Place, where guests can enjoy the best local cuisine with a cosmopolitan touch. Along the same lines, guests will continue to enjoy Sir Anthony Oasis Wellness, a wellness sanctuary that offers personalized services to balance the body and mind.

The commitment to sustainability and the local community has been evident, with energy efficiency measures and prioritizing zero-kilometre products to support the local economy. The hotel also endorses regional culture and cuisine, emphasizing its commitment to providing a truly luxurious experience for guests. “We are delighted to welcome our guests to this new chapter, where comfort, personalization and sustainability come together in perfect harmony. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our goal is to create unforgettable memories with each stay,” said the hotel director.  

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