The world’s leading fine wine and spirits investment platform has launched its brand-new app. With wine investment rising by 5% within the last 12 months and an overwhelming 149% over the last 10 years* Cru’s app heralds a revolution in fine wine management and trading.


Developed by its in-house development team, led by CEO Jeremy Howard and Head of User Experience, Craig Buckland, the revolutionary app’s key points of differentiation aren’t limited to:

  • It incorporates the best elements of Cru’s web platform, which offers the world’s most comprehensive offering of fine wine and spirits and has a physical warehouse network spanning 3 continents, encompassing 7 facilities
  • It offers existing clients and new users market access, secondary trading of over 25,000 products and portfolio management, all available in one app for the first time
  • It has been designed to feel as much like a financial services trading app as possible, a nod to Howard’s experience as a trading systems innovator
  • The app uses Websockets to allow super fast trading price updates to be communicated to the app by Cru’s tailored pricing engine
  • Security is enhanced through FACE ID and via the use of TypeScript for static typing and prevention of common web vulnerabilities
  • It utilises Google’s Angular framework in conjunction with Capacitor, which enables projects like Cru’s to produce a genuine ‘app’, without having to re-code its entire code base in Apple’s native Swift iOS language or Android’s Kotlin language
  • Acting as a bridge between the native IOS and Android and Angular, Capacitor gives Cru World Wine a cutting edge to developing the features only in one place rather than developing them across different native platforms
  • A new MongoDB database records all price changes of the hundreds of thousands of products which now comprise the near-12,000 client portfolios managed on the app




Cru World Wine App is free to use and download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


It would be great to know if Cru World Wine’s app could work for any new tech launches or business news you’re currently working on. Cru’s CEO Jeremy Howard is able to provide comment on the app launch as well as the future of wine investment within the tech sector

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