Since the creation of the Maison in 1995, Pierre Marcolini has always remained keen to
explore new ventures, reshuffle the cards and – always – think outside the box.

30 years of adventures in the world of chocolate have not blunted his creativity, or daring
taste for innovation.

Once the challenge had been accepted, the revolution soon followed: Pierre Marcolini has
redesigned his emblematic, best-selling “Malline Découverte” box, meaning ‘discovered’ in
English, which captures the essence of Pierre’s endeavours and will (as the box says) take
people on a discovery.
The journey begins with listening to what customers have to say. Next, after months of
research, travel, and searching for complementary ingredients, come the technical miracles
performed at Pierre’s Brussels workshop:
The revisited ‘Malline Decouverte 2.0’ will include 31 chocolate gems, in a wide range of
flavours and textures to dazzle every palate

The new box encompasses 7 signature collections that represent the values
at the heart of Maison Pierre Marcolini:
The new limited-edition copper box is not a discovery… but a revelation!
Limited edition
Malline of 31 pieces
BBD: 1 month
Weight: 231g
Price: £39.00
Mini-Malline of 8 pieces
BBD: 1 month
Weight: 61g
Price: £11.90
The round, melt-in-the-mouth Truffles stand for Generosity pushing the
boundaries of creativity using a thin outer shell.
The Grands Crus represent Authenticity, combining the personalities of
exceptional cocoa beans in the form of pure ganaches that have been worked
up, flavoured and infused.
The fun, colourful and delicious Hearts reflect the Passion that drives Pierre
Marcolini and the 80 artisans at the Brussels workshop.
With a no-nonsense, contemporary style, the Pralines express modernity.
Like all great, timeless classics, the Classics Collection are sweet and
The Creations are a range of 12 chocolates with dual textures of praline,
ganache and caramel combined with fruits, flowers, teas and spices to reflect
Innovation is only daring of a master chocolatier.
Finally, the Petit Bonheurs symbolise the joy of shared Emotion through

Plumier of 17 pieces
BBD: 1 month
Weight: 123g
Price: £23.00

The Grands Crus
A new collection of Grands Crus from Pierre Marcolini showcases 5 exceptional Grand Cru
cocoas from Peru, Cuba, São Tomé, Madagascar and India, as well as a signature blend.
A pioneer of the bean-to-bar movement Pierre Marcolini has been spearheading for over
20 years through travels all over the world to find the best cocoa beans. Grand Cru varieties
are selected for their rarity, respect for cocoa-tree species and strong ethics for the planters
who grow them.
Just like grapes, cocoa beans have unique personalities and flavours related to the soil in which
they grow, their variety and cultivation.
The primary notes of each Grand Cru are sublimated by being reworked flavoured and infused
into ganaches.
Gran Nativo Blanco beans from Peru release citrus notes, the rare and unique Cuba beans have
a smoky flavour, Madagascar’s ylang-ylang notes are fresh and floral, and beans from India
contain a trace of nutmeg.
A gastronomic journey through the great cocoas of the world for the adventurous chocolate


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