Hand Picked Hotels, a collection of 21 privately owned, luxury country houses and coastal retreats across the UK and Channel Islands, is launching a series of holistic day-long wellness retreats across eight of its hotels this September and October. With the UK alone boasting the sixth-largest spa market and the ninth-largest wellness tourism market in the world, the demand for wellness retreats is clear

Each retreat has been carefully hand-picked and crafted to work seamlessly with the hotel and surrounding environment, giving guests the opportunity to choose a retreat which best suits their individual wellness goals. Taking place from early September to mid-October, Hand Picked Hotels has sourced experts in mindfulness, well-being and physical health both from inside the hotel collection and utilising local specialists in order to create a bespoke programme. Guests are guaranteed access to the best possible people to guide them through the day.


Health and wellness in the UK is not just a passing trend; it is widely recognised to impact almost every aspect of our lives, from healthy eating to physical activity, to work-life balance. Increasingly, people are seeking out wellness-based breaks and holidays, inspired by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson. This has boosted the global wellness tourism industry which is now valued at $814.6 billion in 2022, with the prediction this will continue to grow.

The Hand Picked Hotels programme taps into the clear demand for high-end wellness programmes which are accessible to all. There are options which allow everyone to take part regardless of ability – from a fitness novice to those seeking something more challenging, allowing everyone to reach their goals. What’s more, there is the opportunity for people to try something new and rejuvenating, from forest bathing and Qigong sessions to coastal hikes and nutrition workshops, to name a few.


As well as being good for the body, the retreats will also nourish the soul for a true body and mind experience. Food goes beyond just nutrition and serves as a source of pleasure, which is why each retreat will incorporate a specially designed accompanying menu. Guests can expect to start the day by enjoying a nutritious and balanced breakfast when they arrive. Seasonal lunches will be prepared by Hand Picked Hotel’s award-winning chefs incorporating high-quality, locally sourced ingredients for a true taste sensation, allowing guests to create connections over food. Each of the menus will be unique and tailored to the hotel, the area and the activity for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Finally, to complete the experience, those joining the retreats will have full access of each hotel’s spa and health club facilities to soothe and soak sore muscles and completely relax and unwind. Guests will have the opportunity to book additional spa treatments, from bespoke facials to hot stone massages, to luxury manicures and pedicures. Hotel rooms can also be booked alongside the retreats for those who want to enjoy a complete Hand Picked Hotels experience.

For those looking to find a retreat which will leave guests feeling balanced and restored, the Hand Picked Hotel Wellness Retreats can be booked at https://www.handpickedhotels.co.uk/wellness-retreats.


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