• A streamlined gas-only version of the award-winning Dome joins the Gozney all-star line-up

  • Awarded both a coveted Red Dot Design Award and Special Mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021, the Dome received praise from chefs, home cooks and design enthusiasts alike upon launch

  • The Dome S1 is the essential oven for pizza lovers bringing the performance of the Dome and the effortless control of quick start rolling gas flame to your backyard for £1,299

Today, premium outdoor oven brand Gozney announced a new streamlined version of their award-winning Dome designed to make creating unforgettable pizza effortless. The essential oven for pizza lovers, Dome S1 brings the iconic performance of the Dome and effortless control of quick start rolling gas flame to your garden, easily hitting a temperature of 500oC so you and your family can cook restaurant-worthy pizza in just 60 seconds. The Dome S1 is available to purchase from 17th October 2023.


Expertly designed down to the last detail, the Dome S1 features an extra wide mouth, a new large 22” x 18” removable stone floor, a built-in digital thermometer, a new low-profile dock and a single quick start rolling gas flame so you can experience the joy of high-temperature cooking with the turn of a dial.


Tom Gozney, Founder of Gozney, said: “We have been blown away by the response to the Dome, with it seeming to capture the hearts (and stomachs) of chefs, home cooks and design-enthusiasts alike. Our new streamlined, gas-only version allows pizza lovers of any level to experience the Dome’s unparalleled performance and convenience for less. Our mission is to continue to change the way the world cooks outdoors and we are really excited to be adding to our line-up of award-winning ovens.”


A Beautiful and Durable Design Built to Last 

The ultimate backyard centrepiece, the Dome S1 is a next-generation pizza oven that harmonises in its design a series of opposites – beauty and utility, ancient and modern, minimalist and maximalist.


Featuring Dome’s signature inspired aesthetic, the Dome S1 shares its iconic shape and a high-temperature painted shell that makes it not only beautiful but extra durable, water resistant and UV stable ensuring your oven is protected from the elements all year round. Additionally, a new low-profile dock further streamlines the look of the oven.


Built to last with pro-grade materials, the Dome S1 like the Dome is made to the exact ratios of a traditional Neapolitan oven with both its design and features informed from Gozney’s commercial range. The new removable stone floor also futureproofs this version of the Dome increasing the longevity and lifespan of the oven. Weighing 10kg less than the Dome, the Dome S1’s simplified design also makes it easier than ever before to lift and manoeuvre out of the box and into position.


Pro-grade Performance Making Pizza Effortless

Dome S1 ensures it’s easier than ever for pizza lovers to cook restaurant-worthy pizza at home.


Engineered with the same renowned heat retention and cooking power of Gozney commercial ovens, a digital thermometer and a 30mm stone floor you can easily control the high heat with precision. The quick start rolling gas flame allows Dome S1 to easily hit temperatures of up to 500oC and stays there so you can cook pizza after pizza in 60 seconds.


A large 22” x 18” stone floor and extra wide oven mouth (16.1” x 5.1”) ensures you can easily make and manoeuvre pizzas of all shapes and sizes from Roman to Detroit or a signature Neapolitan up to 16 inches.

The Dome S1 is available today for £1,299 via Gozney.com and select retailers. The Dome S1 is compatible with a range of existing Dome accessories including a portable, rolling stand (£289), cover (£79), placement peel (£75), turning peel (£59) and Neapolitan arch and flue (£169).

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