Experts at ready-to-drink cocktail brand, NIO Cocktails, have shared their top 3 tips for hosting a stress-free Halloween dinner party below:

Being savvy with the food and drink choices you serve at your dinner party can help take the stress away.”

Tip 1: Pre-make your drinks ahead of the event

“Firstly, for drinks, serve cocktails that can be made up in advance. A perfect dinner party cocktail is Negroni, and this can be pre-made and kept in jugs so that you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of the evening and preparing more. By serving cocktails like this, you can spend more time entertaining your guests and enjoying the evening.”

Tip 2: Play it safe when it comes to your menu

“When considering the food you want to serve, our top tip is to keep it simple. When hosting for a number of guests, opt for dishes that you are used to cooking, instead of being over-ambitious and trying to cook a recipe you’ve never tried before. This will help to keep you calm and avoid any mishaps before your event.”

Tip 3: Choose a Halloween buffet over a sit-down meal

“Why not serve a buffet-style meal? This way, the food can be prepared ahead of time, and it saves you from having to worry about serving your guests when they arrive. They can simply help themselves to the buffet, grazing throughout the evening for a more relaxed ambience, rather than having a set time to eat.

NIO Cocktails was founded in 2017 in Milan by Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin. Their mission was to enable everyone to choose from a complete menu of bar-quality cocktails and enjoy in the comfort of their own homes but without the need for any additional ingredients, bar instruments or cocktail mixology knowledge. It’s after all why they named the company NIO Cocktails – Needs Ice Only.

Fast forward to 2022 and NIO Cocktails is well on its way to delivering on its internal mantra ‘Life Deserves More Cocktails’. Today NIO Cocktails is a multinational company, serving its cocktails to consumers, businesses, retail hospitality and entertainment across the world. With consumers and innovation at the heart of everything NIO does, it’s no surprise that NIO is as recognised for its unique iconic and sustainable packaging and carbon-neutral status as it is for the quality and choice of its cocktails.

NIO’s menu boasts over 25 cocktails including award-winning classics, signature drinks and alcohol-free options that everyone can individually pick and choose from to create their own unique at-home cocktail bar. All NIO Cocktails are designed by, and boast the seal of approval of, Patrick Pistolesi, Italian master mixologist and owner of Drink Kong in Rome – the 16th top bar in the world by World’s 50 Best Bars.

NIO Cocktails’ pioneering spirit and the incredible quality cocktails that surprise and delight in equal measure are evidenced in the 15+ awards it has won and the thousands of 5-star reviews it has received from its consumers.

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