Multi-award-winning Ayurvedic skincare brand SAMAYA is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic
principles and, importantly, the formulas are underpinned with plant-powered
clinically-proven ingredients that have the ability to transform your skin while balancing your
entire system.

This elicits complete rejuvenation (mind, skin and complexion) as it allows us
to move into a state of true balance which brings with it clear, calm and resilient skin.
SAMAYA delivers smart-aging compounds in intelligent, thoughtful formulas that are
centred around addressing our ‘individual Dosha’ type. Each person’s current ‘Dosha’ (they
can change seasonally) can be discovered by doing their online Dosha Discovery
questionnaire which outlines your Dosha state.

These perceptive questions help decipher your doshas and guide you to your unique
combination of SAMAYA products. It’s important to note that there are three primary
Doshas which make up your own unique constitution. It’s very common to have dual doshas
as well as, in rare cases, equal amounts of all doshas (tri-doshic). Prepare to awaken your
awareness and feel the power of Ayurveda on your skin, mind and body.
Doshas and skin explained:
Vata – Energetic and creative in balance, but worried, tired, and indecisive when out of
balance. Often of slender build and suffers from cold hands and feet. Tends to have delicate
dry skin and hair, which may need extra moisturising and nourishment to keep it glowing
and healthy.
Pitta – Well-proportioned and compact build, with a focused mind and a love of order.
Confident and passionate, enjoying challenges. Prone to anger and impatience when out of
balance. Benefits from gentle skincare as the skin can be sensitive and irritable, susceptible to
wrinkles, sunburn, and inflammation.

Kapha – Laidback and easy-going with a stable, steady energy level. Often has a strong
physical frame but can be lethargic or apathetic if out of balance. Takes a relaxed,
reasonable approach to life and can be compassionate, gentle, and kind. Skin is usually
thick and pale, and can be radiant and glowing, but with clogged pores or excess oil when out
of balance.
SAMAYA’s special formulas are rich in active herbs such as topical Ashwagandha, Shatavari,
Neem, Tulsi and Gotu Kola which together with multiple clinically-proven activities such
as Ribose, Spilanthes Acmella (a.k.a. Nature’s Botox) and Ectoin, among others, as well as a
novel probiotic ingredient capable of reducing hyperpigmentation, help fight inflammation
and slow down the ageing process.
The product line:
SAMAYA Hydrating Cleanser – reaches deep into the dermis to purify and balance the skin,
provide a thorough cleanse and impart instant radiance, while delivering clinically provenhydration. Also works as a makeup remover and even removes waterproof mascara.
SAMAYA Renewing Exfoliant – rich in protease enzymes to renew the skin, remove dead
skin cells, unclog blocked pores, remove excess sebum, reduce hyperpigmentation, even
out the skin tone and leave skin super soft, smooth and clean, without stripping the skin
barrier, while preserving the skin’s delicate microbiome.
SAMAYA Moisturiser – A nourishing fast-absorbing silky moisturiser brimming with
Ayurvedic botanicals and smart-ageing ingredients such as Ribose deliver stronger, visibly
firmer skin while reducing wrinkles and radically boosting radiance.
SAMAYA Treatment Oil – A concentrated blend of Ayurvedic botanicals including Gotu
Kola, Shatavari, Saffron, Turmeric, Frankincense, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vetivert,
Ashwagandha, Rose, Lotus Seed and Neem to transform the skin by targeting the signs of
premature aging and reducing wrinkles.
SAMAYA Rejuvenating Eye Cream – A plant-powered, potent eye cream which combats
dark circles, wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness with a multitude of clinically proven activities(Ectoin, Lactobacillus Ferment, Tuberose Extract, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine) to firm,
brighten, hydrate and increase elasticity in your delicate eye area. It contains a powerful
melanin inhibitor which protects against hyperpigmentation. Offers full spectrum light
protection (UV, InfraRed, blue light, visible light) and protects from pollution. skincare:

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