Solo travellers have been urged to share their location and learn emergency phone numbers before embarking on a vacation alone. 

Travel experts at have revealed seven top tips to ensure lone holidaymakers stay safe on a solo adventure.

Solo travel is expected to be a big trend in 2024, with bookings increasing by 20% compared to 2023.

Despite the surge in holidaymakers looking to jet off alone, safety is still a major concern for the majority of travellers. 

Almost 70% of female travellers say personal safety is a leading factor in them not embarking on a trip alone. 

Downloading a VPN before travelling can help solo travellers to enhance their security, and stop hackers from accessing bank accounts and social media profiles while alone and vulnerable.

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Solo travellers must take extra precautions to protect themselves by learning the country’s emergency phone numbers. 

Other tips include sharing their location with family and friends, knowing basic phrases and checking insurance policies.

John Charnock, CEO of said: “It is normal to feel anxious about travelling into unknown territory, and the lack of companionship can leave people feeling more vulnerable to dangers. 

“Travelling alone is considered risky by many, but taking simple steps like downloading a VPN and buying a worldwide sim card beforehand can help keep jet setters safe.

“We advise solo travellers to take extra precautions to protect themselves, including by sharing their live location with a trusted contact, and learning important phrases in the local language.’s top seven safety tips for solo travellers:

  1. Sign up for a VPN

Using a VPN on an international trip will ensure sensitive information doesn’t get intercepted and helps with privacy and security, which is important for a solo traveller. A good travel VPN can also provide access to geo-restricted content, help travellers avoid censorship and even save money on airline tickets.

  1. Share live location

There are many apps around to keep people safe by sharing locations in real time. Turn on the live location features for trusted contacts at home, but always keep them updated on changes to your itinerary. 

  1. Worldwide sim cards 

Purchase an international SIM card before arriving at a destination that works around the globe to stay connected and ease anxiety. It is important to have a wifi connection for safety reasons, whether there is an emergency, or simply for navigation purposes. 

  1. Study important phrases in the local language

Anything can happen when alone, so prepare for emergencies by learning key phrases in the local language such as ‘Help me.’ 

  1. Learn phone numbers

Solo travellers should learn the local emergency number for the emergency service out there. They should also learn personal contact numbers from home in case a phone is lost or broken.

  1. Insurance

Travel insurance can protect travellers from trip cancellation, while medical insurance can cover unexpected injury costs and luggage insurance can recover losses from theft. Insurance can protect solo travellers in a range of circumstances, and a comprehensive policy is recommended if travelling a long way for a long time. 

  1. Women only rooms

If staying in a hostel, females can often request to stay in a women-only room, which can make them feel more comfortable. 

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