Following the Met Office’s announcement for Britain to brace itself for one of the “wettest summers” on record, leading online travel agent, Opodo, reveals a 27% increase in bookings for Brits eager to avoid the downpour this season and where they will be seeking better weather. 

Just 24 hours after the Met Office’s announcement on 29th May, Opodo revealed a 16% increase in searches compared to one week prior (22nd May). Bookings made the day after the announcement (29th May) jumped to 27% compared to the day before the announcement on the 27th May. Bookings made on this day (29th May) also jumped to 20% compared to one week prior to the announcement (22nd May).

Top countries Brits are flocking to? Spain leads in both searches (13%) and bookings (14%). Other top countries seeing a surge include the US (8% increase in searches) followed closely by Italy (7% increase in searches). Other countries expected to welcome more Brits this summer include Germany (9% increase in bookings) and Turkey (8% increase in bookings).

Top cities seeing a spike in interest? Amsterdam, Barcelona and Istanbul take lead in bookings with Brits opting for city breaks this summer. 

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