The last couple of years have changed how we utilise our everyday spaces, this includes our gardens.

To help you decide how to give your garden a revamp and, ahead of the summer, Trex, the world’s number 1 composite decking brand have captured input from consumers, contractors, retailers, and industry insiders to compile its annual Outdoor Living Forecast. If you’re thinking of giving your garden a refresh and need some inspiration, the tips below are a great place to start.

The Outdoor Den
Gone are the days of decks and patios that might be used to host a BBQ once or twice a year. Now, homeowners are seeking outdoor living areas where they can relax, watch their favourite
shows, host a movie night with friends, play games and truly live every day. As a result, deck designs are taking on new shapes and styles, from mid-century to modern. Outdoor dens and sunken outdoor living areas – inspired by the popular indoor trend from the 1960s – are expected to see a resurgence in 2022.

Activity Zones
As our homes have become offices, classrooms, fitness facilities – you name it – space has become a precious commodity. So, it’s no surprise that nearly 60% of designers expect rooms
that serve multiple functions – both indoors and out – to grow in popularity in 2022 and beyond. To optimize the usability of outdoor space, look at dividing the space into multiple activity zones – spaces dedicated to various activities from relaxing and dining to areas for play, work, and sanctuary. A pergola is ideal for instantly framing and defining a space. A relatively easy
addition to any deck or yard, pergolas create the look and feel of an outdoor room while adding a distinct architectural element. Of course, its main purpose is providing shade – essential for
enhancing the visibility of laptop screens and devices when working or learning from home, as well as offering cool relief on hot days.

Privacy, Please
The past two years have left us craving not only connection but also increased safety and serenity. Thus, privacy is expected to be one of the biggest outdoor living trends for 2022. With backyards being used for everything from meditation and exercise to rest and relaxation, homeowners are seeking ways to enhance seclusion.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Maintain
According to industry insiders, sustainability will be a cornerstone of home design and the products consumers are seeking in 2022, as homeowners assess the environmental impacts of their homes and purchasing decisions. Equally important are materials that are easy to maintain without requiring a lot of time, effort, and expense. Composite decking falls right in this sweet spot. Built on green values, Trex ® composite decking is manufactured from 95% recycled materials and has a 56% lower carbon footprint than pressure-treated lumber. One of the
largest recyclers of plastic film in North America, Trex repurposes approximately 850 million pounds of polyethylene plastic and reclaimed wood scrap each year in the making of its outdoor
living products.

Curve Appeal
In a marked departure from the clean, streamlined looks of recent years, curves will make a comeback in 2022. Contractors already are reporting increased demand for arched windows,
doors, and openings, along with curved footprints for porches, decks and walkways for landscaping.

Outstanding Outdoor Kitchens
Homeowners everywhere have invested more in their kitchens than ever before – both indoors and out. As demand continues to soar for all things al fresco, from luxury grilling stations and elaborate bars to specialty features like pizza ovens, smokers, and refrigerated storage, demand for cabinetry is also on the rise.

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