With beauty experts beginning to discover what a miraculous gift from nature Manuka honey is, you might be asking how Manuka honey can be incorporated effectively into your skincare regime.

With high levels of antibacterial compound methylglyoxal protecting its overall quality and purity, Manuka honey is being used by some of Hollywood’s leading starlets as their secret skin weapon.

From acne spot treatments to softer skin textures and radiant glow, here are Comvita®’s five top tips for incorporating this natural elixir into your daily beauty routine.

Use as a topical spot treatment. After washing your face, apply the honey directly onto your blemish with a cotton bud. The amino acids in this powerful cleansing agent will help to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin leaving you blemish-free.

Use as a face cleanser. Diluted Manuka honey retains its antibacterial properties. Mix a small amount of water with your honey and massage it over your face for a few minutes before rinsing your face clean and patting it dry. This will help keep spots at bay by removing dead skin cells, preventing them from clogging your pores.

Use as a skin moisturiser. Replacing your moisturiser with this special honey may sound strange, but this natural moisturiser is prodigious in combatting dry skin by creating an all-natural facemask. This honey’s humectant property means it retains and preserves moisture, whilst going to work on skin elasticity and skin cell regeneration. Dampen your face with water or toner and apply a thin layer of Manuka honey for soft smooth skin you can really feel.

Slow down aging. Did you know that Manuka honey can help prevent the skin from signs of aging? Using it as a moisturiser keeps wrinkles, frown lines, and damaged skin at bay for years to come. This is, once again, thanks to the amino acids within the honey that make it a popular choice for protecting and promoting collagen health.

Improve hair condition and shine. It’s not just skin that this special honey can work wonders on. Combining Manuka honey with your hair mask can have astounding results on the overall shine, volume, and condition of your hair.

There’s never been a better time to discover the power of Comvita® Manuka honey for yourself!

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