If you’re looking to transform your alfresco food this summer, then choose RedLoon seasonings, the easy and healthy way to inject masses of flavour into barbecue banquets or picnic feasts. 

RedLoon is the only condiment you need to fast-track your food from dull and boring, to bursting with healthy deliciousness. Authentic and versatile, RedLoon Seasoning and RedLoon Spicirub pack a mighty punch of awesome flavour and aromatic spices to a range of dishes, taking your BBQ taste experience to a whole new level.


For a super easy flavour injection, sprinkle RedLoon Seasoning over freshly grilled meat, fish and veggies before you serve up; or add it to natural yogurt as a dip or dressing. It’s so easy to use and takes no prep, meaning you can keep things simple on the grill but still wow guests with fabulous flavourful food.If you have a little more time to spare, then use RedLoon Spicirub. Mix some of the rub with a little oil and lemon juice and use it to coat meat or fish, or toss some veggies in the marinade to infuse them with an explosive concoction of gorgeous spices before you get grilling.

For picnic food, why not make some simple but tasty dips or homemade houmous by stirring in some RedLoon Seasoning? Or, marinate grilled chicken or roasted vegetables with the Spicirub as a tasty topping for simple salads. 
Whatever you’re planning this summer, reach for RedLoon’s flavour boosters. Once tried, you’ll always want them on stand-by to take your food from blah to ta-dah!  


RedLoon Seasoning and RedLoon Spicirub are available in environmentally friendly and eye-catching packaging, presented in 100g (recyclable) cartons, RRP £2.49 and £2.99 respectively. Both products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and have achieved Vegan Approved status from The Vegetarian Society. 

Raspal Kaur, the founder of RedLoon, is not only passionate about creating amazing flavours, she is also committed to improving mental health awareness. So, for every RedLoon product sold, 1p will be donated to the charity Mind, via the Work for Good scheme.

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