The skin is at its peak for renewing while we sleep, so unless you want to face the day with last night’s toxins lurking on your skin and trap the dead skin cells that were shedding overnight beneath your newly applied serum and moisturiser, cleansing first thing is a must! We also perspire while we sleep, including on our faces.

If you use cleanser with brightening ingredients such as citric acid in, you gently remove the dead skin cells that shed overnight, so your skin looks refreshed and renewed even if you still feel tired (you can check out our two latest cleanser launches, the Doctors Formula Dragons Blood Sensitive Anti-Bac Cleanser (£59.00)and Marine Collagen Wash Away Everyday Cloth Cleanser (£69.00) both of which are gentle and have citric acid in it).

Facial Skincare – What about washing our face at night? 

You would be surprised at how much dirt and debris your skin accumulates throughout the day, so going to bed without a thorough cleanse is not an option if you want healthy-looking skin. Throughout the night, our skin naturally switches into healing mode. During the day, your skin acts on “defense mode,” protecting your skin against environmental attack, then when we sleep it automatically switches to “recovery mode,” which could be needed even more after a great party. The skin repairs and regenerates up to three times faster at night than during the day. So, leaving your skin clogged with a day’s full of make-up and perspiration slows the natural rejuvenation process down and helps to age us faster.

Facial Skincare – What’s the verdict on using makeup removing wipes at the end of the day?

I am not sure how many times in the past I have wanted to roll my eyes when someone was investing in their routine and purchasing skincare after treatment or consultation, only to tell me that they do not use soap to clean their face (polishing their halo at this point) then let me know that they use wet wipes. My heart sinks! Fact.

A wet wipe really does not cut it — they simply smear whatever was on your skin, such as sweat, dirt, dust, grease, and grime, into your now-hours-old make-up, swirling it all over the skin and helping to breed a few more bacteria. You then go on to apply serum and moisturiser and sleep with all those lovely non-beneficial bacteria all night.

Facial Skincare – What if I don’t wear makeup? Do I still need to wash my face at the end of the day?

YES! Think of all the bacteria you’ve gained on your skin throughout the day. Don’t let them breed on your skin overnight and get comfy in your lovely linens – wash the day away and then apply an intense hydrating or repairing serum such as a Probiotic serum and a skin-boosting moisturiser rich in hydrating ingredients such as marine collagen and antioxidants to help skin through the nighttime recovery process.

Facial Skincare – What should I be looking for in a cleanser?

Active ingredients within a cleanser are key. Replenishing the skin’s natural fatty acids with skin brightening acids, glycerin, and natural extracts such as coconut replenishes the skin’s surface moisture and aids with water loss prevention. These active ingredients are super gentle on skin, leaving you with a beautiful blank canvas to work with prior to applying makeup. Check out Doctors Formula Marine Collagen Illuminating Cleansing Balm and Super Soft Muslin Cloth (£79.00), which is a marine collagen-rich cleansing balm that targets daily pollutants, everyday skin debris and impurities. It effectively cleanses while leaving skin feeling seriously soft, nourished and radiant.

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