Is marine collagen good for your joints? 
Marine Collagen is sourced from fish and therefore it is the preferred source of collagen for pescatarians. There are some studies that suggest collagen can ease joint pain in those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  
Should we be taking collagen for our joints? 
If you are not getting enough protein in your diet then collagen supplements can help provide the protein building blocks your body needs in order to support the structures that make up a healthy joint.  

Should you look to take extra joint care support in the form of collagen/supplements when you don’t have joint problems to help prevent them? E.g. workouts, lifestyle, working from home. I think taking supplements to support your body’s function won’t do you any harm and therefore it is worth taking them to support yourself. 
There are different variations of collagen supplements – powders, tablets and drinks, is one variation better than another? 
It really depends on what is most preferred by the patient. However, a powder or liquid form may be broken down and absorbed more rapidly than tablets.  

Would you recommend a joint care supplement for those into their high intensity workouts? e.g. running/gym-fanatics/athletes I think those that are working out regularly are already doing a great job at doing what their body is supposed to do. They may benefit from taking a joint-care supplement is to help complement their workouts and recovery between sessions.  

Are there lesser-known benefits of collagen that might coincide with osteopathy? With collagen being a protein it also helps your skin and hair thickness. This can impact a person’s mental health and stress levels and consequently, this can have an indirect effect on the pain they may feel in their body.  

Could you combine osteopath treatment with oral joint supplementation? How long until you see results? Do supplements and osteopath results last, or is it something to keep going with? You can combine osteopathy and joint supplementation. Both work to help the body heal itself! Osteopaths help with movement and strength and the joint supplements help to reinforce that. Depending on the underlying cause of the joint pain, you can typically start seeing results within 2/3 sessions of osteopathy. Osteopathy should give you the tools to be able to manage your pain yourself but also can be good to seek preventative care if you’re suffering from age-related joint pain.  

Is it better to take collagen at night or in the morning? You can take collagen either morning or night to get the same benefits, however, if you experience digestive issues when taking the supplement then it may be best to take it in the morning with a smoothie or in your coffee.  

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