Hypnotherapy tech combined with aromatherapy spray gives Brits six months’ worth of sleep for just £30

·       16 million Brits struggle to get to and stay asleep 

·       Two British brands collab to make the ultimate sleep bundle 

Made By Coopers

British brands Made By Coopers and Clementine have joined forces to help fatigued Brits finally get their forty winks and they’re suggesting it will work for six months and only set you back £30.  

The I Can Sleep Bundle is a collaboration of two British well-being experts who want to give brits the best six months of sleep. The I Can Sleep Bundle includes both the award-winning Clementine meditation app and Made By Coopers Sleepy Head Spray.

The idea for this product collaboration is to help those who struggle with sleep and anxiety overcome their fatigue and get a full night of undisturbed sleep. It’s the perfect bundle to wind down, relax and drift off into slumber.

The I Can Sleep Bundle costs £30 and comes with six months of hypnotherapy to soothe you into a dreamy sleep, give you better confidence or simply add a dose of calm into your day. Your six months subscription gives you access to sixty hypnotherapy sessions for sleep, confidence, anxiety, and stress 

You also get Made By Cooper’s award-winning Sleepy Head Room and Pillow Spray. This spray has Organic Lavender which is blended with Chamomile and Frankincense to create a powerful combination to de-stress and unwind your mind and body.

How to use the I Can Sleep Bundle: 

Time for blissful sleep…try out this bedtime ritual:

Grab your Sleepy Head Spray and spritz two-five times throughout your room and across pillows and linen. Relax into your bed and press play on a Clementine Deep Sleep session. Allow the therapeutic benefits of hypnotherapy and aromatherapy to take hold and allow yourself to drift off. Goodnight. 

The I Can Sleep Bundle is only available on the Made By Coopers website: www.madebycoopers.com/products/clementine-app-sleep-bundle and costs £30 for a six-month package.

Made By Coopers offer FREE delivery with all orders over £20. Visit https://madebycoopers.com/ for all their product range.

For more information on the, I Can Sleep Bundle visit: https://madebycoopers.com/products/clementine-app-sleep-bundle  

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