• With the Christmas party season imminent, thoughtful has teamed up with Dr Deborah Lee to offer tips on how to cure the inevitable hangover many employees may face.

  • A study has also shown that our hangovers get worse when we turn 34.

  • With searches for “work Christmas party” increasing by 124% since October, plus over 18,000 searches for “hangover cure” in the last month alone[1], the festive party season is well underway for workplaces across the UK.A recent survey, conducted by thortful, has revealed that our hangovers get worse when we turn 34[2], and as 48% of staff attending are aged between 25-34[3], those planning on drinking may be in store for a heavy hangover.To ensure hangovers are kept light, thortful has teamed up with Dr Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Pharmacy to offer some tips on how to cure a hangover, to ensure you don’t suffer from a banging headache the following day.

    How to prevent a work Christmas party hangover:


    • Drink responsibly and stay within recommended limits.
    • Never drink on an empty stomach – always drink with food. Eating fatty foods can help delay the absorption of alcohol.
    • Drink plenty of water – drink one glass of water for each alcoholic drink.
    • Drink slowly and savour your drinks. This will help you drink less overall.
    • Say no to fizzy drinks because bubbles speed up the absorption of alcohol.
    • Avoid dark-coloured drinks, such as dark-coloured spirits and red wine, as these often contain large amounts of congeners – substances that are produced during the fermentation process.
    • Don’t mix your drinks.


    How to treat a work Christmas party hangover


    • Drink a bottle of water before you get into bed and as soon as you walk up.
    • Have some Dioralyte sachets as they contain electrolytes and may help to restore your electrolyte balance more quickly.
    • Have a good breakfast to help raise your blood sugar levels.
    • Think twice about coffee as caffeine could make your headache worse.
    • Make sure after drinking you get plenty of sleep.
    • Get some fresh air and have a brisk walk.
    • Don’t smoke, smokers tend to have more severe hangovers than non-smokers.


    More information on the study can be found here: https://www.thortful.com/blog/hangover-ages

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