A capsule wardrobe is a solution to many of life’s more annoying problems. If you’re ever unsure what to wear, or can’t decide if a new purchase will have much mileage, then a capsule wardrobe will see you right.

Millie Rich, senior stylist at THREAD commented: “A capsule wardrobe is, simply, put, a wardrobe of essentials. Everything works together, which means you don’t have to make tough decisions. You can pull out clothes almost at random and they’ll look good. 

“In summer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by colours and patterns, not to mention your style also needs to react to the weather. 

“With a capsule wardrobe, you’re ready for anything and you can rely on pieces that you know work together. It’s also cost-effective, as this year’s wardrobe will be ready to go once the sun comes back next year, so you’re always prepared and will never be blindsided by an unexpectedly hot day. 

“So, for a summer capsule, it’s about updating the colours and the fabrics to make them more suitable. Paler shades, lighter materials. You want to be cool, comfortable and stylish.’

Pick up these items and you’re guaranteed all three. Below are Millie’s favourite products for the ultimate capsule wardrobe:

Midi skirt 

As we approach summer, skirts are essential. 

Particularly midi skirts can be paired with almost anything and are an easy way to splash some colour into your outfit, so don’t be afraid to opt for a block, bold shade. 

This summer, a midi skirt will add instant character to casual-looking sandals, or your favourite pair of white trainers.

A statement bag

Adding some arm candy to your wardrobe is always welcome. With this trend, it’s truly the bolder, the better. Think neon pinks, bold greens, and candied oranges – which may sound scary, but often this kind of accessory styled with a pared-back look is just the right amount of colour. Or, if you’re into colour-blocking, some of our favourite pairings are chocolate brown with sky blue, and acid green with yellow. 

Lightweight blouse blouses in silky fabrics look both sleek and effortless, which is why they’re a great addition to a capsule wardrobe. 
Neutrals are going to be huge this SS22, so find the perfect white or cream to chuck over a bikini or with some grandad shorts.

Silk scarf 

This classic has been a mainstay in all the most fashionable women’s wardrobes for generations, including the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. It is a super quick styling hack that makes any outfit instantly chic with its versatility.

This spring, wear the piece around your head like a bandana, combining classic glamour with noughties style.

Denim jacket

It’s a perfect layer when you don’t need anything heavy and summer essential when the temperature drops through the evening. It’s light enough to be summery and it works with pretty much anything because it’s just so classic. 

Lightweight knit 

Another great alternative for a quick and easy-to-wear layer is a packable lightweight knit. Cotton is good for summer, but also thin merino.

Try a fair shade, as only are pale neutrals a universal option all year round, but the ideal colour choice to keep you cool as these colours don’t attract the sun as much as dark 

White trainers 

White trainers stay cleaner longer in the summer. Not only do they provide comfort, but they are the most versatile shoe, being able to be combined with anything from a pair of shorts to a dress. Because of their light colour, it helps them to appear soft and subtle but equally stylish, particularly when matched with accessories in white or light neutrals – and they can be teamed with any colour dress without clashing. 


The stylish sister to a flip flop.

The grungy platform boot may be locked away for the summer, but platform sandals are their perfect alternative in warmer weather to keep a more androgynous look – just make sure they’re supportive and have some structure.  

Lightweight slip-on 

If you’re generally on your feet for a lot of the day, a pair of heels just aren’t practical, making a pair of elegant flats the perfect solution. The staple shoe is the perfect way to dress an outfit up, simply swapping out your daytime trainers for a slip-on flat.

A pair of clogs or backless loafers are perfect if you are not a fan of having your feet exposed, but are in need of a breathable shoe– perfect for a summer evening. 

By Millie Rich, the senior stylist at Thread

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