• Avoid ticket resale sites if you can – ticket resale sites, such as Viagogo and StubHub, are notorious for including additional fees to resold ticket prices. It pays to be on the ball and know exactly when tickets are going on sale so that you can avoid purchasing them from resellers. Plus, this removes the risk of falling victim to scammers.

  • Sign up to artist’s mailing lists and fan clubs – by signing up to the mailing lists of your favourite bands and artists, you can often gain access to exclusive pre-sales before the general public – meaning you have a better chance of securing tickets firsthand, rather than through resale sites.
  • Attend midweek gigs – if you are attending a show that has multiple dates in your region, opt for the midweek shows. Weekend shows tend to sell out faster, meaning that you may be left having to purchase the more expensive seats. Midweek gigs are a better way to secure seats at a lower price point, due to less demand.
  • Use O2 Priority for free cloakroom tickets – at O2 music venues, priority customers can leave an item in the venue’s cloakroom for free by simply showing their app to the attendant. This is a savvy way to make small, but incremental savings.




  • Group bookings – some music festivals may offer tickets at a slightly discounted price if you do a group booking. If you are planning on attending as a group, book together rather than paying individually.
  • Use payment plans – although the total price will remain the same, many festivals allow you to pay for your ticket using a payment plan, spreading costs over several easy to manage monthly instalments.
  • Volunteer – if you have missed out on tickets to one of this year’s festivals, why not look into volunteering? This is a great way to get free access to the festival, by simply completing a couple of shifts over the weekend. Not only does this save money, it’s also a great alternative way to experience the festival and make new friends.
  • Bring your own food – the cost of food onsite from vendors can soon begin to pile up, especially if you are at the festival for the full weekend. Thankfully, the vast majority of venues will allow you to bring your own food onsite.
  • Research the alcohol allowance – festival bars can certainly be pricey. If you are attending a festival where you stay over, many will allow you to bring your own alcohol onto the campsite. Be sure to research this well, so that you are making the most of the allowance, whilst also ensuring that you do not exceed the limit, as your excess alcohol may be confiscated by security.
  • Bring your own chargers – charging your phone at festivals can be expensive, so dodge these additional costs by bringing your own portable charger.
  • Shop for camping equipment deals – shop around for deals and discounts on camping equipment and tents. Supermarkets and online retailers, such as Amazon, tend to be more affordable than your high end outdoor retailers, such as Decathlon and GoOutdoors.


Sporting Events:


  • Choose the worst seats – for most major sporting events, the prime seats in the venue will sell out first, and will be priced higher. Look for the seats that nobody wants in order to secure a cheaper ticket.
  • Go to away games – away game tickets for your favourite football team will often be priced at a cheaper rate than games at the home ground.
  • Research coach deals – many football clubs will offer coach deals for fans travelling to away games, at slightly discounted prices. This will usually work out significantly cheaper than travelling via train.
  • Book your transport in advance – booking your transport arrangements as soon as the fixture is announced will save you money, as prices will surely increase in line with demand.




  • Purchase high up seats – you can bag cheaper tickets if you go for seats that are higher up in the theatre So, if you don’t mind watching from a height, this is a great way to save some cash.
  • Use ticket agents – last minute deals can often be sourced through ticket agent websites, as most theatres will want to ensure a full audience, and will offer discounted tickets at the last minute.
  • Compare websites – sometimes, tickets may be priced differently on a show’s official website, the venue’s site, or ticket sale sites such as Ticketmaster. Compare and benchmark to ensure you are getting the best price before booking.
  • Book as a group – many major theatres will offer group booking discounts for groups of 10+.
  • Be flexible with your dates and times – many theatres will offer cheaper tickets for midweek or matinee performances, compared to the weekend evening shows.


Stand-Up Comedy:


  • Search for free events – if you are not too bothered about the big name comedians, there are often many free comedy nights around city centres. Utilise booking sites such as DesignMyNight to find free comedy events in your area. Just be mindful that they may ask for a donation.
  • See successful comedians test their new material – many of your big name comedians will test their new and upcoming material at comedy clubs. This is a great way to see some of your favourite comedians at a significantly reduced cost.
    Tip: sign up to the mailing lists and follow your local comedy clubs on social media to be the first to find out.
  • Blue Light Tickets – if you work for the emergency services, you may be able to get access to large-scale comedy shows at a discounted price. Take the time to research ticket options before purchasing.


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