It is officially wedding season! From venues to the honeymoon, there are a host of things to
think about as a newly engaged couple. One element not to overlook: Your bridal skincare
routine if you want radiant skin on the big day.

Step forward skincare and aesthetic expert Dr Safa Al-Naher, shares her top tips for
2023 and 2024 brides.
“Whether you have a specific skin concern such as discolouration or breakout-prone skin, or
just want to make sure you glow your best on the big day, it’s well worth starting a medical-
grade skin regimen at least 4 months before you say ‘I do’”, says Dr Safa, founder of Serene
by Dr Safa.
Dr Safa’s top 10 tips to achieve a wedding glow:
1- The ideal time to start thinking about your skin is 6-12 months before the big day.
However, you can get instant results so it's never too late to start for long-lasting,
significant results.
2- Attending a full consultation is extremely worthwhile, it takes the guessing game away and
means you can short cut the skin care and treatments that are going to get the results you
want via expert advice.
3- Prepare by being realistic with yourself – think about what your skin routine involves at the
moment and what new habits you would be happy to adopt.
4- Be honest with your clinician- if you know you won’t use six products in a morning and
evening routine then say so, but be prepared for results to take longer.
5- Plan for the rough with the smooth. Some treatments are so effective, the skin gets a little
dry, sensitive for a while and can sometimes peel. This is all part of the process and is
nothing to worry about. But you might want to plan for downtime- your clinician should tell
you which treatments (especially peels and medical facials) may have minor effects which
may not be ideal such as redness, peeling or discomfort. You will be more consistent if you
can plan your important meetings and social events around this.
6- SPF is non-negotiable! it's thought that UV damage accounts for up to 90% of the visible
signs of ageing. That includes lines, discolouration, sensitivity and dehydration. Damaging
sun rays can even reach you through windows on a cloudy day, so it really is essential to
apply every. Single. Day. My favourite everyday SPF is AlumierMD’s Sheer Hydration Broad
Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 (Versatile Tint) is a sheer physical sunscreen, that
provides powerful broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It uses a
combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide while moisturizing with vitamin E. It’s really
versatile and the tint blends beautifully on the skin. Your skin actually looks better with it on,
it gives a lovely sheen and is a great primer for makeup.
7- Find a skin cleansing routine that works for you. Cream cleansers, gel washes, gentle
scrubs and toner-type exfoliators. You can remove makeup, impurities
and dead skin cells in many ways and prepare your skin for the active products that will make the
difference. Ask your medical aesthetic professional for the options, try the products in a clinic
or ask for some samples if you’re not sure!
8- Our skin changes with the seasons, expect to change things up when the weather does.
Typically, the winter months make skin drier and more sensitised.
9- It may take a while to find the perfect products and formulations for you. Be patient and
communicate with your professional about how your skin is feeling and looking. Small
tweaks in quantities and frequency of use can make all the difference.
10- Beautiful skin takes work! If you’re committed you will see the rewards for your special
day, honeymoon and far beyond!
Why medical-grade skincare, and what does it mean?
“Simply put- it works!”, says Dr Safa. “This is because the active ingredients are present in
high enough formulations and concentrations, in order to give a great effect. I recommend
AlumierMD medical-grade products, whose products are only available for purchase from
aesthetic practitioner who prescribes them to you, after a thorough consultation.”
Staged skincare to reveal your wedding glow
“At your initial consultation, the goal will be to assess your current skin condition, discuss
your concerns and discover your current routine (if you have one)”, says Dr Safa.
“The aim of the first 4-6 weeks will be to make sure your natural skin barrier is robust,
healthy and protecting your skin as it should. Active products, work much better when
introduced at a later stage. AlumierMD’s HydraRich is a postbiotic moisturiser, packed with
an innovative blend of ingredients which influence the microbiome of the skin, and
strengthen the skin’s barrier.”
“Once your skin is happy and comfortable, we can move on to targeting your specific
concerns. For example, for discolouration, you may start a nighttime retinol regimen which
increases your skin exfoliation and allows beautiful new skin to come through, producing
and exfoliating dead and dull, dead skin cells. Adding other serums and ingredients to
promote even skin tone, brighter skin and protection against pollution is possible
simultaneously to achieve your skin goals. While everyone’s skin is different, many of my
brides benefit from AlumierMD’s Everactive C&E™ + Peptide, a potent vitamin C,
antioxidant serum. It brightens and revitalises skin, improves tone and texture, neutralises
damaging free radicals and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”
“The last stage would be a long-term maintenance plan, perhaps including less active
ingredients, to maintain your glow and gently continue stimulating collagen production to
boost long-term results.”
“A course of medical-grade facials can be incorporated to achieve a deeper effect, which
may require some minor downtime but will ultimately get you to your best skin faster and
more profoundly.”
What skin conditions can be addressed?
“We can address a variety of skin concerns such as discolouration, breakout-prone, redness
prone and ageing skin as well as dehydration”, says Dr Safa.

“We also need to take into account your skin type- whether it is dry, oily, combination, and
can recommend products that can treat both condition and type, in an effective way.”
Bio-available ingredients formulated at clinically validated percentages boost long-term
results in the skin. For this reason, AlumierMD products can only be purchased
following a skincare consultation with a licensed and qualified medical or skincare
professional. Purchasing medical-grade skincare under the professional care of an
AlumierMD skincare expert ensures fast and long-lasting results with hyper-customised
skincare routines build based on the patient’s aesthetic aspirations.

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