Convenient and delivered to your door with no need to remember to reorder, you can get almost anything on subscription these days. From razors to meal kits, gin, beer and wine, to make-up, skincare, books, crafts and stationery. There’s even a monthly ‘Apocobox’ subscription, which sends you monthly supplies to prepare for the apocalypse (only in America).  

But the joy of a subscription service can be short-lived if you have ever received one, taken in all of the unnecessary plastic packagings and thought, just how good is this for the environment? 

With World Refill Day throwing light on how we can alter our consumer habits to be kinder to the planet, here is one of the more sustainable subscription services you could choose, which has additional health and wellbeing benefits too. 

World Refill Day – A Crag Spring Water Monthly Spring Water Delivery 

Crag Water is one the only British companies that delivers its water direct to your doorstep nationwide in reusable glass bottles. Once you’re done, Crag will collect your empties, just like the milkman, and take them back to the Crag Inn in The Peak District National Park where the exceptional quality spring water is bottled at the source. Here they are washed and readied to be used again for the next delivery.  

Doran Binder, owner of the business believes it has already reused over 500,000 bottles and is committed to the reusable model even as it grows. Doran freely admits that he struggles to throw any glass bottles away, and even finds the concept of recycling difficult to comprehend. 

“We use something once, throw it in the recycling bin and then send it off to be broken down and turned into the same thing again, for me that’s madness. We can reuse glass bottles many, many times, why would you choose plastic?”

Crag Water delivers nationwide via a partnership with the Modern Milkman to further reduce carbon footprint; deliveries are therefore where they are already happening for other products. 

As well as its eco ethos, the burgeoning brand is becoming renowned for its exceptional quality water, a newly discovered source found running 27 metres underneath The Crag Inn in the Peak District.  

Prices start from £15 +VAT for a crate of Crag still spring water and £18 +VAT for a crate of Crag sparkling spring water from:  

World Refill Day – Why subscribe to a spring water delivery, when you could just get it out of the tap? 

Well, a few reasons actually… 

There’s nothing wrong with drinking tap water of course, but drinking water that is bottled at the source that is rich in trace minerals, magnesium, calcium and the like, can bring many additional health benefits. It’s natural, it comes straight out of the ground the way our ancestors would have drunk it, with no chemicals and hidden nasties. 

By drinking Natural water, you’ll avoid consuming the chloride chemicals that are routinely used to treat tap water here in the UK.  

Plus, it tastes better – do you ever stop to taste your bottled water, or do you guzzle it down without giving it a second thought? Crag Spring Water has a really smooth texture thanks to its mineral-rich content but if you stop and think you’ll notice subtle flavour variations in all types of water. The sparkling option has a delicate citrus edge, like the faintest flavour of lime.  

And tap water well tends to taste of chlorine. 

If Crag has ‘wet’ your appetite for more eco-friendly subscriptions, then here are some further options… 

Oddbox – Saving surplus fruit and veg that is at risk of becoming food waste and delivering it direct to doors through a flexible subscription service, Oddbox works directly with farmers both here and abroad. 

Zed Bees – Aiming to reduce plastic waste through small changes, Zed Bees sends sustainable, low-impact bathroom essentials direct to your door each month.  

Who Gives a Crap – toilet roll delivered to your door with the assurance that no trees were felled to produce it. Made from 100-per-cent forest-friendly bamboo – no inks, dyes or fragrance.  

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