Meet the pioneers of Slow Beauty, the ultimate skin’ergy collection for face and body.
Embrace a holistic approach to skincare with Slow Ageing.
“We are slow-ageing not anti-ageing.” Slow Ageing understands you can’t stop the ageing process but
with the right rituals, you can slow it down.

slow ageing

100% clean, 100% authentic, 100% sustainably sourced and 100% effective.
In a fast-paced world, it can be difficult to dedicate time to reduce your pace, however, Slow Ageing empowers its customers to embrace
more ritualistic self-care moment’s using only the finest, purest, and most active distilled essential oils and botanicals. With a philosophy of
‘start your morning slow before you get fast’ the award-winning* Slow Ageing face and body collection, offers natural skincare essentials
consisting of seven products formulated to bring out the best in each other – because less is more.
Made in the UK and powered by plants, Slow Ageing aims to create a ‘clean beauty movement one glass bottle or jar (100% recyclable) at
a time, using no outer packaging for products and instead of wrapping them in beautiful reusable cloth bags instead.
Achieve a healthy glow with the Slow Ageing Face Collection:
Slow Ageing Essential Face Wash, RRP £26 for 50ml
Made with a combination of 100% pure essential oils, including ylang-ylang, rosemary and chamomile
as well as plumping coconut fatty acids to fight free radicals and banish impurities, this creamy,
the nourishing cleanser is the first step in your slow beauty.
Scoop one-quarter of a spatula into the palm, activate with a few drops of water and massage onto the
face and neck in a circular motion before rinsing to achieve peachy soft, naturally glowing skin – perfectly
primed for your next step.
Slow Ageing Essential Facial Essence, RRP £56 for 20ml
An antioxidant powerhouse, Slow Ageing Facial Essence protects skin from collagen-degrading free
radicals and enhances the complete Slow Ageing skincare regime. Using only the purest steam-distilled
essential oils, including ylang-ylang, rosemary and chamomile, as well as a nutrient-rich hazelnut carrier
oil, Slow Ageing Essential Facial Essence re-energises restores balance and nourishes for a beautiful
glowing complexion.
Apply after the Essential Face Wash and combine with the Essential Moisturiser to enhance absorption
of the moisturiser by 20%.
Slow Ageing Essential Moisturiser, RRP £45 for 50ml
A slow beauty hero, this targeted daily nourisher renews the skin barrier for a supple, plumped and
protected complexion. Firming seaweed polyphenols, plumping oceanic biopolymers and free radical-
fighting antioxidants neutralise damage from pollution, UV and stress for a healthy glow. Doubling up
as a great make-up base, this moisturiser supercharges the effects of the Essential Face Essence.*Awards recognitions include; Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021, Natural Health Beauty Awards 2020 and Beauty Bible Awards
*Slow Ageing Guided Meditation:
The Slow Ageing range is available at
For more information, please contact
Slow Ageing Essential Face Balm, RRP £56 for 20ml
Step four in your Slow Ageing routine, this deeply restorative blend of 100% pure essential oils,
beeswax and skin-feeding shea and cocoa butter is a superfood for your skin – helping to re-energise
your complexion as you sleep. Containing a luxurious range of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oils,
including basil, jojoba, neroli, chamomile and basil – this spa-in-a-balm rescue remedy helps to bring
vitamins and plumping essential fatty acids to the skin’s deepest layers for visible nourishment.
Use one to three times a week after cleansing with the Essential Face Wash and applying the Essential
Facial Essence. For a slow beauty booster, mix with three drops of the Essential Facial Essence in the
palm to create a nourishing treatment mask.
Slow Ageing Essential Face and Body Exfoliating Polish, RRP £51 for 100ml
For visibly improved skin texture for the face and body, this plant butter-infused buffer contains
nourishing coconut oil, ginger, pomegranate and orange to banish rough and dry patches. Whilst as
lemon verbena, a natural topical circulatory stimulant, helps to boost circulation, bringing oxygen,
blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface to detoxify and brighten.
Use one to three times a week as a brightening treatment. Fill one spatula for the face, or one
spoonful for the body. Massage dry onto the body before showering, or apply to the face then activate
with water and massage off. For a slow beauty booster, stimulate renewal by mixing three parts of the
Essential Exfoliating Polish to one part of the Essential Face Balm to create a moisture-boosting
exfoliating mask – leaving for five minutes before gently massaging off.
Nutrition for the skin, with the Slow Ageing Body Collection:
Slow Ageing Essential Firming Body Essence, RRP £51 for 100ml
Ease tired limbs, energise and smooth skin with this powerful body cocktail of pure botanical oils for
your softest skin ever. This stimulating body tonic fuses antioxidant ylang-ylang with lemon verbena
and rosemary to boost microcirculation and flush away skin-dulling toxins.
Massage into the body using small circular motions and long strokes to deeply moisturise and firm. To
enhance the product further, dry body brush for 90 seconds before applying using long strokes along
limbs, brushing out from the torso and then using circular movements around the hip, bottom and
stomach area.
Slow Ageing Essential Bath & Shower Essence, RRP £51, 100ml
Relaxing, soothing pure essential oils help bring harmonious balance to the mind and body with this
ultimate self-care treat. Slow down and sink into the bath, or slip into the shower, with this mood-
restoring botanical essence. Rose, juniper and cypress essential oils enhance mental and physical
energy while renewing and protecting skin cells.
Pour one capful into the bath under running water, or apply directly to the skin before showering.
Allow 15 minutes for a bath one to three times a week and follow with the Slow Ageing Essentials
Guided Meditation, available online*.

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