Super H serum is a Beauty Award-winning product in Allure magazine for 3 years in a row. Its milky
texture immediately comforts dehydrated and stressed skin. Such powerful ingredients as Bio-
engineered growth hormone and Apple Stem Cells revive the dull complexion, blur texture
imperfections and soften the look of any discoloration. Phenomenal results that strengthen with
every application.

Super H serum

 Saturates the skin with essential moisture leaving it feeling soft and glowing.
 Thanks to the advanced and inclusive formula the serum quickly absorbs deeper into the skin
tissue for superior brightening and lightening benefits.
 Reduces the appearance of stressed, fatigued, and irritated skin.
 Apple Stem Cell Technology is a plant-based stem cell ingredient derived from a rare Swiss
apple that has proven to slow down the signs of aging.
 Osilift is a 100% natural sugar tensor derived from oats, known to provide visible lifting and
soothing effects, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
 Matriyxl 3000 is a peptide known to offer a significant visible reduction of wrinkles.
 Sodium Hyaluronate is a natural skin moisturizer that replenishes the skin with a long-lasting
nourishing benefits.
 Euk-134 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from sun damage.

Watch the testimonial below.

3LAB’s Super “h” Serum is available at Harrods, RRP £323.00


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