Garden design experts Stark & Greensmith, have created the ideal guide on how to add privacy to your garden this summer.

This comment is inspired by a UK study that revealed nearly two-thirds (63%) of UK adults admitted to spending more time in the garden over the past year.

With more people planning on spending time in their gardens during the warm weather and two-thirds (64 percent) of UK homeowners admitting to having arguments with their neighbours, Stark & Greensmith look to provide homeowners with the best ways to add privacy to their garden by including a round-up of products, sustainable designs, and advice that will help you enjoy your garden in peace without confrontations with a nosey neighbour.

Please find below, comments from Martine Le Gassick, a creative director at Stark & Greensmith, alongside a selection of Stark & Greensmith’s garden screens, trellis’ & pergolas.

Garden Screens 

“If your garden needs extra height or length to block out unwanted visitors, garden screens are ideal. While they are perfect for adding privacy to your home, they can also be used as fencing, artistic panels, or decorative windbreaks, adding style and substance to your outdoor space.

You can also attach them to existing fencing or structures like a pergola or balcony. This is the perfect way to add an extra layer of depth to prevent neighbours from seeing in, whilst keeping your outside space looking on-trend and contemporary.

Often designed in a range of materials including metal, natural bamboo, wood and even shrubbery, garden screens are a sustainable and easy option to add privacy and style easily to your garden.

At Stark & Greensmith our laser-cut garden screening provides durable products which will last a lifetime and will turn your garden into a relaxing and peaceful environment.”

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Drift Corten Steel Fence Panel – RRP from £429.00


“A trellis is perfect for screening of your garden. Placing one above an existing wall or fence creates a natural garden screen by obscuring the view from neighbours. Larger trellis’ can also be used as dividers within the garden, to create quieter, secluded areas for seating or socialising.

Importantly, a trellis can be used in a decorative way by adding hanging plants and baskets onto them, adding a stylish look throughout. Adding shrubbery and plants to the trellis adds additional privacy, whilst including a standing trellis within your space can also help to make your garden look and feel bigger, allowing you to zone off sections for extra privacy.

Finally, try adding a trellis with different lengths, shapes and widths, this can help you create the ideal shape for your garden and in turn, block out any neighbours.”

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Décor Corten Steel Trellis Panel – RRP from £66.00


“A pergola can add a sense of privacy and enclosure to an area of the garden, such as an outdoor dining space or patio. Placed over these spaces, a pergola can create a feeling of separation from the garden. 

This privacy can be created by screening off the top of the pergola, helping to provide a pleasing-looking structure to allow climbing plants to grow up and around it, blocking out and space above.

You may prefer to keep the frame simple as a dedicated space to sit and relax, however, alternatively, you may also decide to add pergola screens to add even more privacy to your outdoor space.”

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Garden Pergola – RRP from £3,854

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