Bathroom interior experts at Bathroom Deal have used their own expert knowledge and internal sales data, combined with that of Pinterest and Google search data, to reveal their predicted top 5 bathroom trends for 2023.

From luxury spa-like shower heads to heating solutions that deter mold, bathroom interior expert from Bathroom Deal, Warren Kinloch, has detailed the trends below. 

  1. Unlacquered Brass Taps 

Image Credit: Ellei Home

“From classic silver to gold, to matt black – bathroom tap colour trends tend to change every year, and in 2023 that’s no different. According to Google search trends, there’s been a 51% year-on-year increase in searches for unlacquered brass and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. We’re definitely going to see brass taps taking over bathroom inspo images and videos over social media this year.” 

  1. Double Waterfall Shower Heads

Image Credit: Bathroom Deal

“If waterfall shower heads weren’t enough, in 2023 double versions of the popular product will be more popular than ever. According to Pinterest Predicts, searches on the platform for ‘Shower routine aesthetic’ have increased 460%, indicating that consumers will be looking for spa-like and aesthetically pleasing luxury-style products like double waterfall shower heads.”

  1. Asymmetrical Mirrors 

Image Credit: Etsy

“Asymmetrical mirrors have massively increased in popularity over the past 12 months, with a 52% increase in Google searches for these years on year. We can also see that the most popular image on Pinterest for the term ‘mirror’ contains an asymmetrical mirror. Where this product has largely been used in hallways and living rooms over the past year, I believe we’re set to see these mirrors being used in bathrooms throughout 2023 for a more contemporary feel.”

  1. Walk-in and Doorless Showers

Image Credit: Bathroom Deal

“Using trend forecasting tools we can see a general rise in interest and searches for shower-related terms across Pinterest. Searches on the platform for ‘Amazing showers walk-in’ have seen an increase of 395%, alongside ‘doorless shower ideas’ with a 110% increase. This is likely to mean that shower screens will hugely increase in popularity in 2023, as alternatives to enclosures and doors.

To back this up further, of the top 10 most popular images on Pinterest for ‘bathroom’, 70% included a shower screen as opposed to an enclosure or door. Of these 10 images, 40% also contained matt black grid shower screens, unveiling a potential micro-trend for shower screens this year.” 

  1. Designer Towel Radiators 

Image Credit: Bathroom Deal

“With household mould becoming more of a prevalent issue this year, many consumers have been taking to heating their bathrooms where they may not have been before. We’ve seen an increase in searches for bathroom fans, but also for towel radiators. In particular, we can see how popular designer towel radiators have become. Out of our bestselling products on Bathroom Deal for December 2022, 30% were designer towel radiators. In particular, both white and anthracite colourways prove to be the most in-demand.”

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