The cooler months can be difficult for both your mental and physical health for a variety of different reasons.

Wheelwrights have collaborated with psychologist Dr. Marianne Trent to provide five reasons why an outdoors break could be good for both your head and heart this autumn.

1. Surrounded by nature and wildlife 

Immersing yourself in nature can be a therapeutic and meditative experience, and there’s nothing like an incredible landscape to make you feel like you’ve got the most out of your day. 

“Holidaying in the great outdoors is a particularly wonderful way to support your mental and physical health during the cooler months”, says Dr. Trent. “That’s because it can be difficult to feel connected to nature or appreciate the landscape when sitting in a traffic jam or working at a computer.”

Jerry Rebbeck from Wheelwrights suggests “There’s nothing quite like the beauty of the UK’s natural landscape to raise your spirits in the winter months.  We see people come back to our Lake District properties year after year, making the trip a tradition to get the most out of the winter months.”

2. Get Moving

“A holiday centered around the outdoors give you chance to get moving, whether it’s kayaking, paddle boarding, cycling or walking”, says Dr. Trent. 

“The benefits to our mental and physical health can be plentiful. Whatever your activity level, committing to showing your body kindness and love by moving it every day can be life-changing.”

Jerry suggests choosing a “location for a winter break with plenty of outdoor activity opportunities.”   

3. Switch Off

“Mobile phone signal isn’t always the best when in the great outdoors, so rather than that being problematic you could choose to use your time away to enjoy a mindful break from being switched on” suggests Dr. Trent. “This can pay rich dividends to us in terms of stress release and feeling connected to the place you’re visiting.”

“National parks such as the Lake District National Park offer so many ways for us to nourish our soul and practice mindful connection to the now,” Dr. Trent adds.

4. Engage the Senses

“Being in nature, and by water in particular offers a wonderful opportunity to tap into all five senses: we can hear the water and wildlife, smell the fresh surroundings. feel the wind upon our skin, taste the freshness of the air and see a variety of colours” says Dr. Trent.

5. Indulge in the finer things in life

“While your trip to the great outdoors might be focussed on just that, to fully unwind choose your accommodation wisely. Stay in a cosy cottage with comfy beds, tuck into a hot chocolate and a plentiful selection of board games after a day out exploring” suggests Dr. Trent. 

“This can be brilliant for unwinding and de-stressing. Bonus points if they include another person you enjoy spending time with too!”

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