·         A new video from Hampton by Hilton, starring Scarlett Moffatt, uncovers the five types of breakfast buffet behaviours unknowingly exhibited by Brits

·         45% of Brits admit to investigating and circling the breakfast buffet, carefully inspecting what’s on offer before making their choice, followed by nearly a third (30%) of the nation who professed to smuggle snacks for later

·         On average Brits spend 38-minutes at the breakfast buffet – while a fifth (22%) take a much more leisurely approach, spending up to an hour enjoying what the buffet has to offer

LONDON, UK: July 2022 – Gogglebox personality, Scarlett Moffatt, has partnered with Hampton by Hilton to champion the hotel brand’s a free breakfast buffet, and uncover the nation’s unknowing yet relatable buffet ‘behaviours’. Five personality types have been researched and identified, showing how Brits instinctively tackle one of the most valued parts of any hotel stay – the morning meal.

Released today by the quality-driven hotel brand, Scarlett features in a new tongue-in-cheek video, documenting the five behaviours she observes at a Hampton by Hilton breakfast buffet, revealed as:

·         The Smuggler – This guest sneaks a snack for later. Whether it’s a golden apple up the sleeve or a flaky pastry folded into a napkin, this person is looking for when the coast is clear.

·         The Stacker – This skilful guest can’t get enough of the breakfast buffet and doesn’t intend to make a return journey. They stack their food tall like the leaning tower of Pisa – rashers of bacon upon slices of toast, or sweet syrupy waffles masterfully leaning over the plate.

·         The Investigator  This curious guest circles the buffet more than once. They closely examine the buffet – lifting, moving, and rotating items to find the best bites.

·         The Builder – A buffet novice. They’re inquisitive and free for the first time to independently build their own breakfast, carefully choosing each item to create their ideal plate.

·         The Nester  A provider who brings back a variety of food to share for the table. They get their daily steps in, going backwards and forwards, delivering plates of nearly everything available for everyone to feast.

The video has been released to celebrate the nation’s love of breakfast and showcase the quality free hot breakfast buffet on offer at all 41 Hampton by Hilton hotels in the UK. The refreshed buffet experience now offers guests even more delicious options from plant-based alternatives to locally sourced ingredients. 

Speaking about her involvement with the campaign, Scarlett Moffatt shared: “The breakfast buffet is without a doubt one of the best bits of a trip away for me and at Hampton, by Hilton hotels, it’s completely free – what more could you want! When it comes to the breakfast buffet, I’m a little bit of a ‘Smuggler’ and am known to sneak a croissant away with me to enjoy in the room with a cuppa later in the day. That said, I’m also guilty of being a ‘Stacker’ too, piling up delicious smoky bacon and hot waffles is literally my idea of heaven! I think we can all agree that a good night’s sleep followed by a hot brekkie sets us up for the day. Now pass me the pancakes!” 

Pauline Wilson, vice president, focused service operations, EMEA, Hilton, adds“There is nothing like a hot breakfast to get your day off to a good start. At Hampton by Hilton, we know our guests have different preferences, and that’s why our hot breakfast buffet includes an impressive variety of quality options, all included in the price of your stay. This means whether you’re an early rising solo ‘Stacker’, or a family ‘Nester’ preparing for a busy day of sightseeing, we’ve got you covered.”

As part of this campaign, Hampton by Hilton polled 1,500 Brits to research their breakfast buffet behaviours, uncovering the following:

The Nation’s Favourite Breakfast

When it comes to the ideal breakfast plate Brits stick to tradition with the perfect combination voted as a full English breakfast, followed by a piece of fruit. Regarding the perfect breakfast drink, a hot cup of coffee (30%) takes the top spot over the much-loved cup of tea (25%).

However, those who are newer to the breakfast buffet experience, known as Builders (22%), prefer to ‘construct’ their plate from a range of different ingredients in line with how they’re feeling rather than being restricted by set menus – including mixing sweet and savoury on one plate (47%). 

The Average Time and Visits

With the average guest visiting the breakfast counters at least twice, almost a quarter (23%) of the nation revealed they were concerned about being ‘judged’ by fellow guests for making multiple visits. In comparison, just under half (46%) said they return with pride as that’s the purpose of a buffet.

Overall, on average, the ideal time spent at the breakfast buffet was said to be a quick 38-minutes, while a fifth (22%) take a much more leisurely approach, spending up to an hour enjoying what the buffet has to offer.

Brits Get Adventurous at The Breakfast Buffet

Brits feel inspired at the breakfast buffet as seven in 10 shared they are more likely to try new things when eating at a hotel breakfast buffet (70%). In fact, those that visit the buffet more than once say it’s because they’re inspired to try everything (45%) and want to experiment with foods they haven’t eaten before (32%).

Saving Something for Later

It seems the nation can’t get enough of breakfast, as nearly a third (30%) sneak a snack for when hunger strikes later, otherwise known as smugglers. The top item to take was a piece of fruit (64%), followed by a sweet pastry (49%), while over a fifth (21%) dared to swipe a bacon roll.

The Art of Plating Up

Balancing everything on one plate is key for 20% of Brits who consider themselves as Stackers. Additionally, over a third (38%) agree it is essential to separate different food types, and on average take two or more plates, turning the breakfast buffet into a multi-course dining experience (46%). Those with a parental desire to feed their loved ones (19%) are considered to be Nesters, who scour the buffet counters for all of the family to enjoy.

However, the majority of breakfast buffet-eating Brits (45%) take a targeted approach, where they exhibit detective-like behaviour during their buffet visits, closely inspecting items before selecting their favourite dishes – known as The Investigators.  

Hampton by Hilton’s free hot breakfast is included with every stay and is available at all 41UK hotels, including the recently opened Hampton by Hilton Bath City. Other top leisure destinations include Hampton by Hilton TorquayHampton by Hilton London WaterlooHampton by Hilton Manchester Northern Quarter and Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh West End.

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