Looking for a new destination to explore for your next getaway? In this article Rachel from self-drive
boating holiday company Le Boat shares with us five of the most beautiful hidden gems in Europe.
There are so many fantastic destinations in Europe which are popular for a reason, from the
historical city of Rome to the fashionable streets of Paris. But if you’re looking to get away from the
crowds, you may prefer a destination off the beaten track. The good news is that there are plenty of
hidden gems to explore throughout the continent. To give you some inspiration, I’ve rounded up five
of the most beautiful regions in Europe which you may not have considered for a getaway before.
And, if you’re looking to take to the water on your next holiday, all of these destinations can be
explored by boat. Not only is travelling on the water one of the most scenic ways to explore
somewhere new, but it also allows you to see destinations from a completely different perspective.
So, why not give it a go?
The Lot, France
If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit the Lot region yet, you’ll want to rectify this fast.
Located in the South of France in the larger region of Occitanie, the Lot is named after the scenic
mountain river which runs through it. This area is ideal for those who prioritise stunning scenery,
with rocky cliffs, dramatic gorges, and plenty of beautiful greenery covering the area.
This is the perfect trip for people looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday, as there are plenty of
small, charming villages dotted along the river for you to explore. This includes the medieval town of
Luzech, the stunning Bouziès, and Cahors, which is home to the famous Pont Valentré bridge.
As well as being able to travel the region by water, you can even enjoy a dip too. The crystal-clear
the river is very fresh, making it the perfect place to cool off in the summer heat. If you’re looking to get

hidden gems

active on your holiday, you can even explore the river yourself by kayak or canoe. If you want to get
moving on land, there are plenty of beautiful walks to enjoy throughout the region as well, so you’ll
never be stuck when searching for something to do.
Friesland, Holland
Want to combine your exploration of a hidden gem with a visit to a bustling city? Get the best of
both worlds and pay a visit to Friesland in Holland, located near the country’s capital, Amsterdam.
While Amsterdam is easily one of the most popular city breaks in Europe, many don’t choose to
venture much further into the country. There’s so much to see in the stunning Friesland region, so
why not show everyone else what they’re missing?
Friesland is known for beautiful scenery typical to Holland, with picturesque meadows, quaint
canals, and the stunning Wadden Sea which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are plenty
of towns to explore in the region too, from the historic town of Elburg to the harbour town
Harlingen. if you’re looking to soak up the culture and history of the country’s capital, Amsterdam
isn’t far away.
There are lots of water sports to enjoy in the area too, from canoeing to jet skiing, so there really is
something for everyone. And of course, a visit to Holland wouldn’t be complete without exploring
part of the region on two wheels! You should find it easy to hire a bike to many different
destinations throughout your visit, so hop on and explore the region as the Dutch would.
Camargue, France

hidden gems

There’s so much to love about this fantastic region, from its natural beauty to the wide array of
activities on offer. It has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an action-packed
escape or a relaxing getaway. There’s plenty of wildlife to discover in Camargue too. In fact, the area
is arguably most well known for the thousands of pink flamingos which call the region home.

When it comes to scenery, it’s safe to say that Camargue is one of the most stunning and distinct
regions in the country. There are lots of picturesque remote beaches, rice paddy fields, and beautiful
churches to explore. For something different from anything you’ve seen before, you can pay a visit to
the mesmerising pink salt flats in the area.
When it comes to activities, you won’t be short of things to do. There are lots of areas to take a dip,
from the stunning coast to the deep lagoons. If you’re looking to combine wildlife with getting
active, you can do some horseback riding on the region’s iconic wild white horses at Camargue
Regional Nature Park.
Flanders, Belgium
If you’re an avid foodie, Flanders is the perfect destination for you. Located in Northern Belgium, this
area is famous for a number of tasty treats. The region is known for its Belgian waffles, beer, and
tasty fries, but you’ll also find other dishes you may be less acquainted with, including Flemish beef
stew and preisoep (Flemish leek soup). You’ll also find plenty of Belgian chocolatiers in the region
too, which are the perfect places to buy souvenirs (or a sweet treat for yourself!).
If you’re looking to do some city exploring on your getaway, one of the country’s most picturesque
cities, Bruges, is also located in this region. This city is home to several beautiful and iconic
landmarks, including Belfry Tower, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, and the famous Bruges canals.
Outside of the cities, you’ll be able to experience plenty of beautiful scenery, from Flanders fields to
the region’s stunning sandy beaches.
You won’t be short of activities to enjoy in the area either. You can take a refreshing dip in the North
Sea or one of the region’s lakes, take part in a walking tour, and enjoy a shopping trip at one of
Flanders’ many markets.
Mecklenburg, Germany
While this region is often overlooked by European holidaymakers, it certainly isn’t an area to be
missed — especially for nature lovers. Mecklenburg, located in north-eastern Germany, is home to
Spreewald is considered to be one of the most beautiful forests in the country. The Biosphere
Reserve has even been given UNESCO status.
The forested area has over 200 canals, making it perfect for exploring via boat. Once you’re ready to
set foot on land, you can hire a bike and cycle around the forest. You’ll likely spot a number of
animals throughout your exploration of Spreewald, including beavers, otters, and many different
species of butterflies.
There’s plenty to see outside Spreewald as well. There are a number of picturesque villages and lots
of medieval castles to explore. This region is also the perfect place to try out some water sports,
from adrenaline-pumping water skiing to more serene kayaking and paddleboarding. And the
country’s capital, Berlin, can easily be reached from this region too for those looking to soak up the
culture and history of this fantastic city.
Europe is home to some of the world’s most popular destinations, but there are plenty of areas off
the beaten track to explore like the five fantastic boating regions above. Looking for more holiday
inspiration? Make sure to check out the wide range of travel articles at Boujee Magazine.

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