With the British summer temperatures lazily climbing, emerging blue skies and the occasional heatwave, garden party season is upon us at last. From a humble barbecue to a no expense spared celebration, garden parties are almost as quintessentially British as afternoon tea and cakes.

Planning the ultimate garden soirée on the other hand is no picnic, as hosting comes with great responsibility to create an unforgettable night for your guests, as well as endless washing up the next day.

With this in mind, the experts at NIO Cocktails have compiled the ultimate foolproof tip list with some super simple and cost-effective steps to take your summer party to the next level.

So if you’re craving something more special than charcoaled sausages and standard bottles of fizz, you can now elevate your next garden party with these quick tricks and create a boujee bash that your guests won’t forget.

  1. Instagram Worthy Food

So if you, like most people, loathe the idea of hovering around an oven to prepare underwhelming, frozen party food for your gathering, then why not opt for something a little more aesthetically pleasing?

A charcuterie board is the perfect, stress-free way to feed the masses without having to worry about timings or something burning. From salami roses and a smorgasbord of cheeses to veg sticks and delicious dips, your guests can graze as they please throughout your party. 

The vivid colours and array of choices will impress your guests. And not only that, but it’s also a very cost-effective way to create the wow factor.

Surprise and delight guests with some interesting condiment pairings such as mango chutney, sweet chilli sauce or dark chocolate. As well, elevate the aesthetic of your board with sparks of colour using bright vegetables such as peppers, carrots and radish to keep the board flavours balanced and your guests salivating.

  1. Delicious Drinks

Instead of reaching to the back of your cupboard and offering out your leftover gin from Christmas with a basic mixer, why not offer your guests something more special?

Cocktails are the perfect way to raise your guests’ spirits – quite literally. And there are so many sweet, sour, savoury and non-alcoholic variations out there to make sure everyone at the party gets a glass of something they love.

If you want to keep your hosting as stress-free as possible, opt for some pre-mixed cocktails instead, like the NIO Cocktails Build a Cocktail Box. You can create your colourful array of either 3, 6, or 9 cocktails, all perfectly crafted by an expert mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi – giving your guests the option to choose something they’ll love and leaving you free to relax in the sunshine.

Nothing screams luxury more than top bar mixology – after all, life deserves more cocktails!

To add even more luxury, you could even create a garnish station so your guests can add the finishing touch to their drinks, from dehydrated fruit to glacier cherries – and don’t forget the ice!

  1. Lighting

If you plan on entertaining your guests long after the sun sets, don’t cut the night early by being plunged into darkness or by moving inside, particularly in the summer months. Enjoy the fresh air for as long as you wish by transforming your garden into an illuminated paradise.

Try stringing up fairy lights or small lanterns above the dinner table to add height and real charm to your outdoor dining area. You can also invest in some solar-powered spotlights for your garden, or keep it simple and safe with some LED candles.

  1. Comfort

Leave the spare Christmas chairs in the garage and let your guests unwind in ultimate comfort.

Why not try a low picnic table where your guests can perch on the floor with throws and cushions for comfort? Or, add seat pads to your outdoor furniture so your guests can comfortably sit and enjoy the night. 

And most importantly with the unpredictable British weather, make sure you plan accordingly for all weathers and rainproof your garden by arranging a cosy, covered seating area for your guests. Or, pitch up a gazebo so your guests will be happy come rain or shine.

  1. Decorations

To encourage a sense of occasion, it could be worth stocking up on reusable, recyclable paper decorations. Hanging these colourful additions to the branches of trees, allowing them to blow in the gentle breeze, always helps to promote a party atmosphere. 

You can take your decor one step further with some themed decorations, including travel-inspired decor, colour schemes and exciting themes like disco or beach vibes.

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