Odysea continues to serve an authentic taste of Greek and Mediterranean meze with the launch of thirteen new products into Sainsbury’s stores nationwide this September. 

Forget everything you know about dips: Brits will soon reach for the Ajvar at breakfast, lunch and dinner. A sweet roasted red pepper and aubergine dip with Balkan roots, Ajvar (pronounced AYE-var) pairs with toast, crudites or crisps, can be swirled over crumbled feta or spread in sandwiches and makes an earthy relish or side for BBQs. Smoky, versatile and ready to eat, Ajvar is the essential new ingredient you haven’t heard of yet.


Taking inspiration from traditional Greek dolmades dishes made from the stuffed vine and cabbage leaves, Odysea is launching three stuffed, dolma-style olives. Odysea has been supplying Sainsbury’s with olives for 29 years, so it’s only fitting they stay up to date with these new, trend-setting varieties:

  • Piri Piri Gordal Olives: large, plump Gordal olives stuffed with a tiny piri piri pepper. The perfect snack with a glass of crisp white wine.
  • Double Stuffed Red Pepper and Almond Olives: a Mediterranean trio of red pepper and creamy almonds stuffed into elegant olives for a colourful, textured meze.
  • Gherkin Stuffed Olives: sweet olives combine with the tangy crunch of gherkins in this clever new take on bar olives. Garnish a martini or serve with drinks for a real conversation starter.

Stuffed dishes are an essential meze on any Greek table, as the contrasting flavours and textures pair perfectly with summer drinks and outdoor eating. Odysea’s new Feta Stuffed Red and Green Peppers sit alongside the dolma olive collection, and can be eaten with bread, in a salad, or straight from the jar.

This monumental launch also includes:

  • Harissa Houmous: Harissa and houmous were made for each other. The subtle spice of red chilli, peppers and garlic make a striking contrast to Odysea’s signature, silky smooth houmous. Slather it on a warm pita, load up the crunchy vegetables, or serve with a meze platter.
  • Aubergine Imam: Roasted aubergine in a rich tomato sauce is a traditional Greek meze that can be eaten as is, served as a side, or even stirred through pasta.
  • Chickpeas in tomato sauce: Slow-cooked chickpeas in rich olive oil and tomato sauce with a hint of cumin. A meal in itself with rice, or the willing co-star in a Mediterranean feast.
  • Seafood Salad: An elegant mix of octopus, squid, cuttlefish, mussels and shrimp dressed in parsley and garlic oil. Stir through pasta, and serve with a Marie Rose sauce or your favourite carb for a simple supper.
  • Pitted Queen Nocellara Etna Olives: Bursting from the volcanic soil of Mount Etna in Sicily, these bright green olives are big on flavour thanks to the minerality of the soil in which the trees grow, and further enhanced with citrus and gentle heat from added lime and chilli. Made with a low intervention method, their mild, buttery flesh makes them the Queen of olives.
  • Big Gordal Olives: plump and sweet, Gordal olives are prized for their juicy texture and generous size. Dress with a little Ajvar and Odysea extra virgin olive oil or stir through with fresh herbs if you’re feeling fancy.

These new products join Odysea’s extensive range of Greek and Mediterranean meze.  Drawing on Odysea’s meticulous focus on provenance, quality and authenticity, each jar unlocks an irresistible taste of the Med.


Odysea Spicy Ajvar £2.75
Odysea Mixed Red & Green Peppers Stuffed with Feta £3.50
Odysea Harissa Houmous £2.75
Odysea Seafood Salad £4.00
Odysea Aubergine Imam £2.80
Odysea Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce £2.80
Odysea Stuffed Vine Leaves (new easy-open jar) £2.80
Odysea Baked Gigantes Beans (new easy-open jar) £2.80


Odysea Gherkin Stuffed Olives £2.80
Odysea Double Stuffed Red Pepper & Almond Olives £2.80
Odysea Piri Piri Stuffed Gordal Olives £2.80
Odysea Etna Nocellara Pitted Olives with Lime and Chilli £2.80
Odysea Big Gordal Pitted Olives £2.80

About Odysea: Founded in 1991, having started as a stall on Portobello Road Market, Odysea is a fine food producer, specialising in sourcing products from Greece and the Mediterranean.

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  • es. Garnish a martini or serve with drinks for a real conversation starter.

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