Smokehead lives up to its brilliantly rebellious name once again with the new Tequila cask finished expression, Tequila Cask Terminado. Further diversifying Smokehead’s already established and experimental portfolio, Tequila Cask Terminado is the Islay Single Malt Whisky that guarantees unique flavors and embraces boldness. 

29th November 2022: Pushing the boundaries of how to enjoy Smokehead’s ever-admired Islay Single Malt Whisky, Tequila Cask Terminado is the latest wave of experimental serves Smokehead has created for those rebellious enough to enjoy classic whisky in a way they never have before. 

Joining its cousins – Rum Cask Rebel, Sherry Cask Blast, and Twisted Stout –  in Smokehead’s purposeful spirit and incessant search to provide a winning answer for how to bring innovation to an old classic, Tequila Cask Terminado is produced by maturing Smokehead in ex-Bourbon barrels and then finishing in Mexican Tequila oak casks. 

Heavily peated with smoke, Tequila Cask Terminado intends to take taste buds on a properly wild adventure confidently. Sensually infused with chewy meringue, fresh blood orange and BBQ’d pineapples, Tequila Cask Terminado reveals unusual notes of smooth toffee, vibrant lime, and ambrosian peaches. Wholeheartedly embracing the brand’s inherent unruly nature and infectious zest for whisky experimentation, Tequila Cask Terminado is the ultimate party-starting serve to sip upon in both intimate and social settings. 

Smokehead recommends letting the liquid speak for itself and serving it straight, on the rocks, or, for cocktail aficionados, a *’ Palominado’. However, Smokehead would never limit how their whisky can be enjoyed and inquisitiveness is encouraged.

Iain Weir, Brand Director of Smokehead, stated: “Smokehead is a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries of what classic whisky is and how it’s perceived. By embracing contemporary methods of finishing, we’re able to be at the forefront of innovation both as a brand and within the industry at large for the benefit of our valued customers. Tequila Cask Terminado is more than a passion project for us, it’s an embodiment of everything Smokhead represents; rule-breaking, ‘pouring less boring’, and defiance. We’re so proud to launch Tequila Terminado into the Smokehead family to represent uniqueness.”

Tequila Terminado (70ml) will be available in the UK exclusively through Amazon and Available to purchase from 28 November 2022 for £68.99. Alongside this launch, Smokehead has also created a bespoken video, entitled “Taste The Afterlife” to symbolise this lively liquid. 

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