The only UK-drinking chocolate brand to craft unique fine chocolate beads, Cocoa Canopy is launching into Waitrose stores nationwide with its Smooth Milk variety (225g, £6.15.) The good news doesn’t stop there – you can pick up a pack in-store with a 20% off introductory offer until 9th May! (£4.92)

Cocoa Canopy’s own 37% blend is made from sustainably-sourced cocoa and only a handful of natural ingredients, with the Smooth Milk beads creating not just a creamy hot chocolate, but with Spring on the horizon – why not transform them into a pick-me-up iced chocolate drink? Flavour notes start with a burst of intense milk chocolate and flow through to a hint of natural caramel for a smooth drinking experience. A family favourite that’s sumptuously smooth and velvety.

Easy to make, you can simply melt the beads, add warm milk or water and stir to your desired consistency for the taste of pure chocolate in every sip – whether that’s using a milk frother, heating via the microwave, mixing on the hob or pouring over ice. Have it your way!

Palm oil-free and housed inside 100% compostable packaging, Cocoa Canopy is proud to be Rainforest Alliance certified and part of the Cocoa Horizons sustainability scheme, which protects and improves the livelihoods and self-sustainability of cocoa farmers and their communities. This means that every chocolate bead you enjoy has been carefully crafted with a responsibility to the environment in mind.


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