Based in East London, Nirvana Brewery is a family-run brewery headed by Becky Kean, a recent winner of Management Today’s ’35 Women Under 35’. 

Becky set Nirvana up after her father went teetotal, but missed the taste of beer and struggled to find decent alcohol-free alternatives. Determined to bring a smile back to his face, she made Nirvana her mission! 

This brings us to today – the brewery’s just had its best-ever year, all fuelled by Nirvana’s delicious beers and Britain’s continuing love affair with no/low alcohol. Dry January obviously sees sales peak, but the range Nirvana offers means there are beers for all seasons – last Spring saw it launch a limited-edition elderflower beer that quickly sold out.

Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana’s beers are all available via its website ( and Ocado, which will be offering 25% off all the beers from 29th December until 24th January. From January, you’ll also find a selection of the National Trust’s 119 properties. 

Here’s a taster of what they’re like: 

– Bavarian Helles Lager: Brewed to Bavarian traditions and a World Beer Awards medal winner, Nirvana’s flagship lager is crisp and immaculately balanced. Golden, pleasant biscuit notes, nectar finish. 0.3% ABV. 66 calories. Vegan. £1.80/330ml.

– Hoppy Pale Ale: A everyday beer, using fruity Mosaic hops, it’s refreshing and light. A dry, bitter, finish. 0.5% ABV. Just 30 calories. Vegan. £1.80/330ml.

– Organic Pale Ale: Delivers a punchy ‘hit’ from bold Amarillo hops, with citrus dominating and hints of pine and spice. A gorgeous light amber colour. 0.5% ABV. 33 calories. Vegan. £1.80/330ml.

Available: / Ocado (25% off all Nirvana’s beers, 29th December-24th January).

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