Want to maximise space in your bedroom? Here are the essential tips to help you make your small bedroom feel bigger while still keeping it cosy and stylish.

How to Make a Bedroom Appear Bigger

Are you struggling to make the most of your tiny bedroom? Does the space still feel small no matter how much?

Do you try to tidy and declutter?

Using these top tips, you can successfully make a small and cramped bedroom feel bigger. You don’t have to be an interior designer or a DIY whiz to implement these changes. So, why not get started today?

Light colours are your best friend

Light colours are the best way to reflect the light in a room and make it feel bigger. Opting for bright and muted tones for your walls and linen goes a long way to make a bedroom feel bigger and lighter. And, if you love a colourful bedroom, consider keeping a few splashes of colour that complement your paler walls or floors. Carefully chosen accent colours in a few key places can help tie the whole room together without introducing too much darkness. 

Opt for built-in storage

Great use of space, and built-in storage is one of the best ways to make a room feel bigger. Choosing storage options such as drawers under your bed, storage space in your headboard, or built-in shelves can reduce the the footprint of the furniture in the room and make it easier to tidy everything away. 

Re-think your lighting

Everybody loves cosy lighting in a bedroom, but your table lamps might be taking up too much space. Consider opting for subtle wall lamps instead of table or freestanding lamps. This reduces the amount of space taken up by the lighting while still allowing you to enjoy cosy lighting. 

Choose reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces are a great way to make your bedroom feel larger and lighter, especially if they are arranged to reflect natural light from a window or skylight. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to install big mirrors in your bedroom that might take up more space than they’re worth. 
Instead, opt for mirrored or glossy sliding wardrobe doors – these allow you to boost the amount of light in the room and make the space feel better without having to clutter it with a big mirror that takes up more space. 

How to Make a Bedroom Appear Bigger

Keep your colour scheme and patterns consistent 

One of the things that can instantly make a space feel smaller and more cramped is an overabundance of different colours and patterns. Limiting yourself to a consistent colour scheme is a good way to add the illusion of spaciousness to your room. 
Plus, stay away from big, in-your-face, or contrasting patterns; these can make the bedroom feel even tinier than it actually is. If you want to introduce patterns, opt for smaller and more discreet ones instead of big prints. 

Do away with the handles

When you have a small space to work with, it’s important to create smooth lines without visual clutter that makes the room feel crowded. One small but significant hack is to choose drawers and wardrobes without handles. Whether you opt for sliding wardrobe doors, push-to-open cupboards, or handleless drawers, the lack of handles will help the room feel more spacious and sophisticated. 
Moreover, it’s one less thing to bump into when moving around a tight space!   

Use the window effectively

A window can be a great way to make your space feel bigger than it actually is. A big window can make all the difference in an otherwise minuscule room. Of course, it’s not easy to increase the size or positioning of your window. It’s much easier to rearrange the furniture around it to make better use of the natural light, however. 
It’s important to make sure that no big items of furniture are blocking the light. Even if the wardrobe is next to the window it can create dark and dingy corners that make the space feel tight. Try to keep big furniture on the other side of the room and ensure that any side tables, desks, lamps, or curtains do not block the light from getting into the room. 

Create the illusion of a high ceiling with low furniture

While some small bedrooms are graced with gorgeous high ceilings, others may have those low ceilings that make the space feel boxed in. If you want to create the illusion of high ceilings in your space, one method is to opt for low furniture. A close-to-the-ground bed and bedside table can elongate the vertical space in the room and make the space feel substantially bigger. 

Try drapes or curtains

Curtains or drapes are a great way to use vertical space and add aesthetically appealing elements to the room without crowding it. You might choose to add curtains by the window, but make sure they can be parted to allow maximum light into the room during the day. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are a great way to make your ceilings feel higher and the space feels bigger.  Another popular option is to use drapes to separate the room. While this can sometimes make the space feel more enclosed, if you opt for a light and bright material such as linen it can add visual interest to the space and
turn a boring bedroom into a whole new room. 

Ready to turn the box room into the best room?

With these effective space-saving tips in mind, you’re ready to make your tiny bedroom feel like the most spacious and luxurious room in the house. For all your sliding door, furniture fittings, and DIY materials needs, head over to Cworkshop. This London-based supplier offers bespoke solutions for all your home DIY and furnishing needs. Turn your tiny bedroom into the best room in the house today!

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