Enjoy Sweet Treats and Chapel Down English Sparkling Wine 

Royal Lancaster

Ready yourself for a truly ACE offering in celebration of Wimbledon this year, and prepare to indulge in Royal Lancaster London’s brand new and totally spoiling Wimbledon-themed afternoon tea, available from 12th June – 10th July. 

Passed down through the centuries, this popular institution, Royal Lancaster, has been reimagined with a nod to the world-famous tennis championships, by the hotel’s unique and talented team, and it never looked so good. As we all know, afternoon tea makes for the perfect opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, or simply an excuse to indulge in precious time with your best friends or family members, and in this case to pay homage to one of the summer’s most highly anticipated and glamorous sporting events.

Relax and enjoy an irresistible assortment of delicately crafted sandwiches, warm baked scones, and delicious sweet treats that will be served in the hotel’s beautiful Hyde Café, and accompanied by a selection of the finest Camellia’s Tea House teas; there’s also a vegan option available for those who would prefer. And for those keen to let the afternoon blissfully slip away while nestled amongst the beautiful surroundings, then a crisp glass of Chapel Down Sparkling Wine is simply a must. 

Royal Lancaster

Though there is also no specific dress code for this delightful Royal Lancaster culinary experience, guests are kindly invited to opt for smart attire to best tune in to the place’s ambiance.

  • Wimbledon Afternoon Tea & Vegan Afternoon Tea (available from 12th June to 10th July | £34 Wednesday to Friday | £39 Saturday & Sunday
  • Served between 1 pm and 4 pm
    Royal Lancaster London, Lancaster Terrace, London, W2 2TY

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