New research shows 54% of us have a travel bucket list,
with the Northern Lights coming out on top.

A new study has found that most Brits feel that their biggest regret at the end of their lives will be not having explored enough of the world. The poll of over 2,000 Brits, carried out by, a new specialist travel inspiration website dedicated to the discovery of the world’s greatest ‘bucket list’ travel, has shown that most of us have a travel bucket list of some description – 40% of us keep it in our heads and only 14% of us actually write it down.

56% say they’d like to see at least five more different countries in their lifetime, with over a third of us doing bucket list travel whenever we get a chance. Not surprisingly, this is highest amongst singles and the younger age groups (nearly 50%). However, almost a quarter of married couples and those living with a partner are waiting for retirement.

Of the thousands surveyed, over a quarter (27%) cited viewing the Northern Lights as their ultimate bucket list experience, followed by an American road trip (17%), a safari in Africa (16%) exploring the Great Barrier Reef (13%) and cruising Norway’s Fjords (13%).

Matt Roach, Founder of Bucket List Travels, says: “The world’s greatest light show, it’s no wonder the Northern Lights came out on top. A remarkable, ethereal light display that’s one of nature’s greatest spectacles.”

Also featured in the top ten most coveted experiences are seeing Niagara Falls, visiting the Eifel Tower, marvelling at the Pyramids of Giza, visiting the Great Wall of China and whale watching. *See full list in notes to editors.

Scientific research has proven that there are many holistic, physical and mental benefits of travel – which are significantly enhanced when going somewhere new. In the survey, 38% of us get a feeling of achievement having been somewhere new, 36% feel it refreshes their mental perspective on their lives and 32% feel that it helps them focus back on the positives and less on the negatives.

People also say travel helps them build closer relationships with their companions (family and friends), appreciate what they have, gain an increased sense of mindfulness and even enjoy better sleep.

Planning your next big adventure can often bring as much joy as the trip itself, Matt Roach says: “Now more than ever, we all need something to look forward to. Planning your next big adventure or even just anticipating travelling somewhere new or doing something special has been shown to boost mental health.”

6 in 10 of us say that money is the main obstacle to getting things ticked off our travel bucket lists, alongside a lack of holiday time, the effort needed to research and the risk of going somewhere new.

Matt Roach continues: “I wanted to create a one-stop, trusted site that helps people quickly discover inspirational travel experiences, and then be able to plan a holiday around them. There are so many incredible travel experiences, and they are more accessible than ever.

If not now, then later. A ‘travel bucket list’ saves those good ideas we find along the way for when we need them and gives us something to look forward to and aspire to”.

Bucket List Travels currently features over 2,200 curated, trusted recommendations from leading, specialist travel writers, alongside more than 25,000 images to inspire and amaze. It includes most of the world’s signature and famous travel experiences (more being added every week), alongside many lesser-known, but equally, if not more, rewarding.

An advanced search engine allows travel-seekers to quickly search these recommendations and filter the results down to their specific needs and desires – a huge time-saving.

Once the travel-seeker has found something to do or somewhere to go, the site aims to help in the holiday planning by providing destination guides, recommended places to stay nearby, recommendations of who to book with, and ready-made, simple itineraries.

By making bucket list travel research so much easier, the site aims to become a leading travel planning resource, and the first-place travel-seekers will go to when looking for inspiration or starting to research their next trip. It notably allows users to save their favourites, to create their own personal ‘travel bucket list’.


Notes to Editors:

Top 20 bucket list travel experiences, as per the survey of 2005 Brits:

1. See the Northern Lights
2. American Road Trip
3. Safari in Africa
4. Great Barrier Reef
5. Cruise Norway’s Fjords
6. See Niagara Falls
7. Eiffel Tower & Louvre
8. Pyramids of Giza/Cruise Nile
9. Great Wall of China
10. Go whale watching
11. Machu Picchu
12. Alaskan Cruise
13. Visit the Grand Canyon
14. Swim with dolphins
15. Ride the Bullet Train
16. See the Statue of Liberty/Empire State
17. Visit Taj Mahal
18. Visit Galapagos islands
19. Petra (Jordan’s Lost City)
20. Visit the Amazon Rainforest

About the Founder:

Matthew Roach is a digital and marketing veteran of 15 years, most of which has been spent working in the travel and hospitality industries. He has an MBA from Columbia University, New York.

He is a passionate traveller himself and has visited over 80 countries. He has personally done many of the bucket list experiences featured on the website, including cage diving with great white sharks in Cape Town (before it was famous, and had proper cages), rafting through the Grand Canyon, and pondering masterpieces in the Louvre.

On Matt’s Travel Bucket List: swimming in cenotes on the Mayan Riviera, seeing India’s Golden Triangle by train, taking the Hurtigruten up Norway’s western coast to see the Northern Lights, and snorkelling with blue whales in Sri Lanka.

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